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Song to Song

Song to Song is an upcoming American drama film, starring an A-list ensemble cast including Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender. The film depicts a modern love story set in the Austin, Texas music scene and follows the lives of two entangled couples. The first couple consists of two struggling songwriters, Faye (Rooney Mara) and BV (Ryan Gosling), while the other couple comprises of music mogul Cook (Michael Fassbender) and a waitress played by Natalie Portman. The characters in the film chase the elusive success in the modern world of rock’n’ roll while journeying through straits of seduction and betrayal that test their passions for their craft as well as their partners.
The film is set to release on March 17, 2017. What is sure to get audiences excited beyond the big names leading the cast is the slew of celebrities and musicians that will make cameos and special appearances in the drama.

*EXCLUSIVE* Austin, TX – Natalie Portman brings sexy to the set of the Untitled Terrence Malick Project as she shoots scenes with Michael Fassbender today in Austin. Natalie wore a sheer top which exposed her cleavage and magenta skinny jeans with black boots, which showed off her thin figure. Benicio Del Toro was also hanging out on set during his break and Benjamin Millepied watched his wife work while holding their son, Aleph.
Exclusive… 50911530 Actress Natalie Portman on the set of the ‘Untitled Terrence Malick’ movie in Austin, Texas on October 9 2012. Actress Natalie Portman on the set of the ‘Untitled Terrence Malick’ movie in Austin, Texas on October 9 2012. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray —Oscar Wilde

A cursory look while driving by a fading banner brought this timeless classic to mind. A book targeting the vain and the vainglorious alike this great work should be read by all once every year, to remind ourselves of the pitfalls of vanity.
Dorian Gray, an aristocratic member of Victorian high-society, is the subject of a full-length portrait, made by an artist who is infatuated with Dorian’s beauty. Dorian upon viewing his beauty by way of the portrait fears the day when it too will fade. After coming into contact with a convenient philosophy that purports beauty and sensual fulfilment as the only things pursuing in life, Dorian expresses the desire to sell his soul for the sake of his beauty. This wish is granted on the condition that the picture, rather than he, will age and fade. He in the meantime can pursue a life of hedonism and pleasure, but all the while hides from his true, ugly, self that lives in the picture.


HOT 100

Song Name Artist
1 Shape Of You Ed Sheeran
2 I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Zayn Malik/Taylor Swift
3 Love On The Brain Rihanna
4 I Feel It Coming  Weekend Feat. Daft Punk
5 Bad Things Machine Gun Kelly x Camilla Cabelo
Television Shows:

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is an adaptation of the famous children’s book series of the same name. The creators of the show Mark Hudis and Barry Sonnenfeld have turned the timeless classics into a black comedy-drama that has Netflix audiences going wild. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton and Malina Wessman the series, which premiered this January, will be covering the first four books of the season, while a second season is planned to consist of ten episodes that adapt book five through nine.
The series covers the Baudelaire children who lose their parents in a mysterious fire. When they are placed under the care of their distant relative Count Olaf they discover that he is an actor who is determined to claim the family fortune for himself. The children set out to elude Olaf all the while discovering their parents’ mysterious past.


Good Times


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