Actor Muneeb Butt has worked in a mixed bag of TV shows, some forgettable like Halla Gulla,  others memorable like AikThiMisaal, Tum Yaad Aye and the one airing currently Ghairat. this green-eyed hunk has not only been creating buzz for his acting skills, but also recently got engaged to actress Aiman Khan. Sana Zehra sits down for a one-on-one with him

Did you pay retail for what you are wearing right now?


If you tweeted something and it didn’t get any likes would you delete it?


What was your last google search?

Hairstyles of 2017!

Would you rather be Tom Hanks or Tom Hardy?

Tom Hanks for sure

What is the weirdest thing you made your assistant do for you?

Find me a solar fan

What’s your room service order like when you travel anywhere?

Anything, really. I’m not finicky.

Would you ever wear anything risqué?

Absolutely not

Would you ever try out directing?

No, not for me

Why is that?

Because whenever I’ve given direction a thought, I have felt like acting is way easier than directing.

If you were a casting director, would you ever cast your best friend?


You just got engaged to Aiman Khan. Congratulations! What is life like now?

Nothing different TBH (to be honest). Same!

If you could play any person alive or dead, who would it be?

Alive: Imran Khan (actor)

Dead: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (qawwali maestro)

What is your favourite quote?

Look in the mirror that’s your best competition.

Boys rule or drool?

Boys rule!

What would you tell your 12-year-old self?

Pay attention to school and less play time please.

What is your favourite rock song?

Rock on!

What does GT mean to you?

Good times!

Good Times


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