Mahlia S. Lon

Recently, I spent a sunny Sunday exploring the various exhibitions put up by the Lahore Biennale Foundation 01 showcasing the Shehr-o-Funn. People from all walks of life were out and about, interested to view what was on display and curious to learn and see life from the artists’ viewpoint. The Punjab Government, LBF team, sponsors and artists did a great job organising the event, arranging the logistics and lending their talent, making meaningful, thought-provoking art accessible to the public at large from the mightiest to the most humble. I myself felt joyful wandering around Old Lahore checking out the installations and paintings as I would anywhere in the world, but not as we usually do insulated in our daily lives. Not only were the exhibits wonderful to look at and the Sufi concerts divine to hear but thought provoking as well. It’s so much more effective to demonstrate your opinion subtlely and make a person reach his/her own conclusion based on the feelings invoked than to bash someone on the head with an idea and ram it down his/her throat. In case you missed it, we have some of the highlights for you in this issue.

Additionally, we get up close and personal with young actors Adnan Malik, Shahroz Sabzawari and Shaista Abbas. Fahad Hussayn’s beautifully crafted sartorial masterpieces, Muse’s plans to collaborate with Parisian design houses, all the latest and best fashion straight from the runway of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and much more awaits you in this issue. See you next fortnight


Good Times


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