We sat down with the boys of Barwan Khiladi to find out more about their friendship, their experience on set and their hobbies.

What was it like working on Barwan Khiladi?

SJ: It was my first feature web series therefore it will go down in my acting career as one to remember. From film-making to acting, there was a lot to learn on the sets of Barwaan Khiladi.

Where can people see the web series?

KS: People can watch it on the Tapmad app or website.

What was it like being on set? Were you guys nervous? Excited?

SJ: I was so excited to start this web series. I remember always waking up excited knowing I’m living the dream. I just never wanted it to end.

ZK: The first day was a mixture of excitement but a lot of nerves. It got really easy from there onwards because the energy on set was so supportive and fun!

KS: Super exciting. There was just so much happening and I tried to absorb all of that like a sponge. You learn a lot if you have an outlook like that.

Tell us about a funny incident on set.

SJ: There were a lot of funny moments on the sets, especially the ones with Ali, our co-actor who was playing Captain’s role in this web series. One day, upon not getting the food of his choice (which was BBQ btw), Ali decided to open all the biryani boxes that were brought in for everyone and ate all of the chicken from them.

Are the three of you close in real life also?

SJ: All of us have become good friends ever since we worked together. Although some of us knew each other from before as well.

What do you guys like to do on days that you’re off from work?

SJ: I barely get any time off from work, but when I do, it’s usually spent with friends and family. All of it. I cherish every moment that I get off.

ZK: I like to go get a good workout in, cook myself a nice meal and invite my boys over for a fun sesh!

KS: I like to catch up on some Netflix and try to spend some time with my family and friends.

What advice would you give to aspiring young actors?

ZK: Be prepared for really long hours! You have to really put in the work, it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside.

Photography: Mohsin Khawar
Wardrobe: Rastah
Hair & makeup: N Gents

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