Islamic Habitat:
Ramadan is here and Islamic Habitat’s tracing Quran and dua cards are a must have. The tracing Quran is a beautiful yet such a peaceful experience. Connect to Allah and memorise Surahs and duas in the most convenient way.

Butter cream Bake Studio:
Embrace the spirit of Ramadan with these exclusive “Ramadan Mubarak Trays. “ Elevate your celebrations with chocolate coated dates, strawberries, brownies and sweet treats. Order now and savor the essence of Ramadan with these essential delights for your loved ones.

Bokx an Ode:
Bless your loved ones with an exquisite box curated with nothing but love. Featuring organza firoshki, this sectional acrylic box comes with Ajwa and Mabroom dates, hand painted motiya printed panj surrah books, pearl prayer beads, chocolates and an HIH room mist, perfectly lifting all your senses.

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