Ready to revamp your space but not sure where to start? These top style décor picks from Marina Home are
sure to inspire you and add a tasteful touch to your surroundings


Liven up your living room with vibrant furniture pieces, wooden coffee tables and tufted velvet sofas for a much-needed pop of sophisticated style! Indulge in some wall art with Statement Pieces to add drama to your living room and make it the highlight of your home


Invite some modern flair into your home with upholstered beds, statement rugs and gorgeous metallic toned accessories. This master bedroom perfectly emulates the curves and the colours of the wall accents and paintings that are sure to impress Art Lovers.


Featuring a distinctive contemporary design, these Cognac coloured leather lounge chairs are an excellent addition to your sanctuary and helps add an element of old-age charm or extravagance to an otherwise subdued decor style. Drape a contrasting throw on this Marina Home piece to bring it to life with floral accents and geometrical patterned rugs.


Get ready to replace your woodsy frame with a cozy upholstered headboard. Long a staple in luxury hotel bedrooms, upholstered headboard are now making their way into the bedrooms of everyday homeowners. This classic white bedroom makes you feel right at home! With accessories to match along with a vintage storage leather travel trunk, this space gives out an effortless vibe.


Let your home reflect your personality. This avant-garde coffee table incorporates wooden elements and glass to create a Signature Marina Home exotic feel. Bring a subtle touch into the living room with streamlined sofa seaters that are great for entertaining guests or having a relaxed evening by yourself after a long day at work.


Designing your home with essentials and not going overboard with décor items is the key to a simplistic and clean-looking home. Anchor the dining room in effortless style with this essential Marina Home set, perfect for weekday meals and family gatherings alike. Showcasing a wood grain finish, floral accessories and simple silhouette, this lovely dining set is perfect for any setting.


Inspiration drawn from traditional French decorative accents this elegant wooden statement table adds warmth and charisma to the modern-day dining room. With an oak-finished wood base and concrete inlay details, Marina Home is definitely at the forefront of urban design! This room finds the right balance between rustic, farmhouse, and industrial chic.


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