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We asked some of Pakistan’s leading lights about the most regrettable things they have spent their money on:


Adnan Siddiqui, actor:

I once bought a pair of Russell and Bromley shoes in three different colours! Black, brown, and burgundy. There was no need! My father used to joke that I use a different polish on the same shoe everyday.


JuggAn Kazim, actress:

I usually end up buying kitchen utensils and gadgets that I don’t use. I bought an industrial size mixer/blender gizmo that I haven’t used in a year and a half. Also I bought really funky cake moulds and chopping boards that haven’t even been unwrapped. Fashion wise I bought a pair of Roberto Cavalli gold heels because they were on sale at 50% off and a Prada bag at the same discount a year ago. Never wore them and gave them away two days ago. I love sales but I often buy stupid stuff that I will never use because the Lahori in me loves a great bargain. Lesson learnt I hope.


Mehreen Raheal, actress:

I can be an impulsive shopper, and I also hate trying on clothes! I often end up with outfits that hang in my closet forever and are eventually given away. A shiny pink Dolce n Gabbana bag which I love, and my husband hates, makes me wish I’d settled for something else!


Sharmila Farooqi, politician:

Hair bonding was a bad idea!


Ali Xeeshan, designer:

I tried cold liposuction. It didn’t work at all. Money and time totally wasted!


HSY, designer:

When I first shaved my head in 2005 I was very embarrassed. I bought tons and tons of hats and bandennas, koi taaki milti thi baand laita tha. Then after a year I became comfortable with my shaved head, and now I love it, it’s central to my identity!


Frieha Altaf, event manager:

Buying my office was a stupid move on my part! I later learnt that in business it’s better to rent. The property hasn’t gone up in price and now I need to move again. Also, I just went to Phuket over Eid break. Went with family and it rained 4 days in a row — no sunshine, no tan, no scuba diving! Should have checked the weather report!


Mehrunnisa Khan, designer:

This one time I bought two new iPhones because I couldn’t decide which colour I wanted!


Kamiar Rokni, designer:

I once bought super expensive Italian shoes that seemed comfortable when I tried them. When I wore them for over an hour they nearly made me cry. I never wore them again. I could have replenished my entire wardrobe for the amount I spent!


Rezz Aly Shah, event manager:

I guess buying so many clothes in a smaller size and hoping I’ll lose weight, which I haven’t, so my cupboard is full of clothes which I can’t wear as I’m a balloon! Money and hope wasted.

At PFDC LOreal Paris Bridal Week 2014

5. Karma

The Lotus Raj collection was well thought-out this bridal season. From milad to walima, the range covered everything. More than 35 dresses were showcased at the finale of day one by Karma Red. We saw lots of vibrant, fresh and bold colours. Intricate dabka, gota, sequins, jamdani, resham, stones and beads were used on kimkhawab, silk, chiffon, net, jamawar and organza fabric. Rose pink, Russian red, jonquil and Mikado yellow, plum, dark spring green and teal blue were used. Trousers, jumpsuits, ghararas, lehngas, cholis, sarees and gowns were complimented by net embellished dupattas. Loved the way kids walked the ramp as flower girls.




4. Nida Azwer

The white outfits that opened the show set the tone for a down-to-business bridal collection. Free from excessively busy print or embellishment, Nida Azwer’s collection uses diamante bling sparingly in simple geometries. The outfits are different shades of the sea, greens, blues and teals and the mermaid fitted lehngas work perfectly with the colors. Their signature cutouts made appearances throughout the collection. Good stuff.




3. Nickie Nina

Nickie Nina continue their romance with boho chic glamour. Coatis and starkly contrasting colours set this collection apart as being confident and edgy. Innovating a new take on the sari by combining it with a sheer floor length jacket is a first see. A collection with something for everyone, be it the bride herself or just a distant cousin!




2. Fahad Hussayn

Fahad’s show started with Wahab Shah and Fahad’s muse Nooray Bhatti taking center stage and putting on a dance performance for the audience. His collection was called “Putlighar” and the models were inspired by dolls from Thatta. Fahad’s fur jackets were a huge hit on the ramp. His silhouettes and cuts included long flared dresses, half-sarees, shararas, and kameezes ranging in length from short to long. Each model’s outfit was brought to life by a unique headpiece. Hussayn’s collection is the perfect combination of the traditional Pakistani bride with a touch of modernity. Though there was a lack of menswear (with only one sherwani worn by Vikar Ali Khan), his collection was very definitely one of the strongest showcased on the second day of the PLBW this year.




1. Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan’s “Baghawat” was a response to perceived ideas about beauty. It was inspired by a mix of ancient Roman civilisation, warriors and the idea of defiance. Ali’s colour palette ranged from bright neons to pastels. As the models walked onto the ramp in signature Ali Xeeshan pieces, we saw the ramp painted in vibrant shades of orange, green and blue. The designer’s unconventional use of neon colours for a bridal collection gave him an edge over the others. The cuts and silhouettes ranged from short hemmed dresses to flared lenghas paired with cholis along with sherwanis and kurta shalwars for men. It seems that Ali worked especially hard on the jewellery. Each outfit was complimented with bold headpieces that made a statement on the runway. The collection consisted of his signature gota work along with textured fabrics. One can always trust Ali’s collections to have a wonderful performative element. Every thing, from the dramatic Ram Leela music to the stuffed peacocks carried by the male models and unique choreography was right on point.





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