Fashion & Jewellery Designer Zehra Valliani had a fabulous Birthday Bash for her Mom Sameena at Dynasty, Marriott. It was a glamorous event with the creme de la creme of the Isloo ladies with a sumptuous Thai & Chinese buffet and live musical singing to entertain the guests who say the best Mom daughter duo in Isloo society known for their lavish parties and awesome crowd turnout.



New Jewellery Designer, Ally Adnan produces one-of a-kind conversation pieces inspired by Etruscan, Victorian, Hellenic and Greek jewellery

By Noor Akbar Chishti

“I started designing jewellery for my wife, on a whim, a few years ago,” remembers Ally Adnan. “I liked a lot of the jewellery that was available in the market but felt that it lacked individuality and mass-production took a lot away from its charm. My goal was to design unique one-of-a-kind pieces that no one other than my wife would wear.”

In the years that have followed, Adnan has expanded his customer base which no longer includes just his wife. Jewellery items designed are highly sought after by discerning clients in the U.S. where the designer lives and in his native Pakistan, and typically sell out before they have been made. “The demand for my pieces is greater than what I can produce,” says Adnan. “It takes a lot to design pieces and, since designing is not my primary profession, I can only design a few at a time.”

Ally draws inspiration mostly from Etruscan, Victorian, Hellenic and Greek jewellery and combines design elements to create what are veritable works of art. He sources gemstones from India, Thailand and China and has all his jewellery is crafted in Pakistan. His pieces are known for their unusual designs, superior workmanship, and high quality.

Ally will soon be launching a store to sell his jewellery online. In the meantime, interested buyers can contact him via email at [email protected].

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