June 16-30 2023


– Spanish Nachos
– Spanish Omelette, Breakfast of Champions & magic pancakes!

Feeling lazy or stuck at work place?!

Don’t worry we have a favourite place from where you all can order scrumptious food for lunch!
Epicurean By Mahnoor

Craving a sizzling steak for dinner?!
The Dining Room is a must visit! Our picks at The Dining Room:
– Jalapeño Mushroom Steak
– Stuffed Peri Peri Bites

With having such massive hits on your credit, how has the journey been so far in the industry?!

It has been hell of a rollercoaster. sometimes it was high, and sometimes it was low but I enjoyed every single bit of it.

Sar-e-Rah gained immense amount of love and appreciation, which story among all was your favorite and how was your experience working with all the other actors?

First of all i’m really thankful to all my fans for all the love and appreciation they have given me for Sar-e-Rah and making this project a huge hit. My personal favourite character was the one played by Muneeb and I feel he has done justice to this character. As far as the experience is concerned, I loved working with the entire team of Sat-e-Rah they have been great. we had so much fun on the sets.

Magic is always created when you and Sarmad Khoosat work together, tell us a bit about your upcoming mini-series, Gunah.

No wonder I agreed on doing this project because for the very first time Sarmad and I were planning opposite each other and  it is  always a pleasure working with my Manto Jee, unfortunately I won’t be able to reveal the character so you would have to watch it all by yourself 🙂

Film, television or web? What do you prefer and why?

I guess I’m in a relationship with the camera. I love being in front of the camera be it TV, Film digital platform, whatsoever.

I personally think now it’s the time for a little change. I might be stepping into the shoes of direction very soon so stay put.

Fans are always eagerly waiting to see you on the screen. Any new project that you would like share details about?!

Currently I have a few options that I’m considering these days, let’s see what catches my attention the most but I’ll definitely be back for my fans real soon that’s a promise 😉

What would you like to say to your fans and followers?

Always be yourself, everything falls into a place at the right time—you’re all my family and I love you from the core of my heart even I’m socially not that active but I’m always thankful for a family like you—lots of positivity your way.

Hair & makeup by ETHEREAL

In conversation with Zunaira Ovais of Picture Perfect; A licensed and certified semi-permanent makeup and micro-blading artist. Zunaira runs a medical spa, first of its kind, in the heart of Lahore!

So Semi-Permanent makeup, that means we have to put less makeup on in the morning, right? What inspired you to become a semi-permanent makeup artist?

“Thank you for asking. While semi-permanent makeup does provide the benefit of waking up with a natural-looking enhancement, it is important to clarify that it is not intended to replace daily makeup entirely. Semi-permanent makeup involves the application of pigments beneath the skin’s surface to enhance features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips. It helps to create a long-lasting effect, saving time and effort in daily makeup routines.

What inspired me to become a semi-permanent makeup artist is my passion for helping people enhance their natural beauty. I have always been fascinated by the transformative power of makeup and how it can boost someone’s confidence. However, I also understand that not everyone has the time or skill to apply makeup daily. This realization led me to explore the world of semi-permanent makeup, where I can provide a solution for individuals seeking long-lasting enhancements.

Being able to create subtle, natural-looking results that enhance a person’s features and help them feel more confident is incredibly rewarding. I enjoy the artistic aspect of the work and the opportunity to bring out the unique beauty in each individual. It’s truly fulfilling to see the positive impact it can have on my clients’ lives.

Additionally, the ever-evolving nature of the beauty industry and the constant advancements in techniques and products motivated me to specialize in semi-permanent makeup. I am dedicated to staying updated on the latest trends, attending workshops, and continuously improving my skills to offer the best possible service to my clients.

Overall, my passion for enhancing natural beauty and the desire to provide a convenient solution for individuals seeking long-lasting makeup led me to pursue a career as a semi-permanent makeup artist.”

Tell us a bit about your journey from learning, practicing and then introducing a medical spa in Pakistan.

Well, it has been a roller coaster ride. Like many of our women folk in the makeup industry today, I started a very humble home-based setup after learning few basic SPMU skills. God blessed me with a decent repute and client trust. That lead me to invest more into enhancing my skills and qualifications, so I pursued SPMU & aesthetics courses abroad.

During my travels, I came across the incredible advancements in the field of aesthetics abroad which we were not having access to in our country. So I decided to introduce the same and by the Grace of Allah I have been able to convert this dream into a reality.

I have a team of professionally trained staff with me having access to latest cutting-edge research in the field. I must say that, for me, the journey has just started as I am always enthusiastic and motivated about my profession since it gains me so much customer admiration and support.

What are the four most in demand treatments at your salon?

Botox & Fillers, Laser hair removal, Lash & Brow procedures & Carbon Facial.

With the wedding season just around the corner, tell us about two most important facials that brides and bridesmaids must get from your salon?

I would recommend everyone to try our Carbon facial and chemical peels for their big day.

What are your future plans and do you plan to introduce some more services at your salon?

I have plans to increase my clinic network throughout the country which I will be doing very soon. With that, I plan to introduce the latest and greatest in aesthetic procedures at my clinics and expand the services portfolio in collaboration with foreign experts and industry icons.

Kiren Wahab hosted a fabulous jewellery exhibit to celebrate her store’s 1st year anniversary.


Zunaira Ovais of Picture Perfect by Zunaira launched her brand new beauty salon/medical spa in the heart of Gulberg.


Paragon Salon & Studio launches their new branch in Defence, Phase 5. The star-studded event was attended
by some famous celebrities and prominent personalities from the fashion industry.


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