Summer Festive


Introducing Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s Summer Festive collection. “A celebration of style that floats like a dream through the daylight hours. Din mein Khuwaab is a visual periphery of abundance. As the drapery of the night sky is inadequate to contain the vastness of our dreams, the stars linger, filtering through the sun’s embrace to shield the dreamers of the day.

These ethereal visions transcend the confines of darkness, spilling into the daylight and weaving an unbroken tapestry of imagination and hope. Inspired by the slow summer days, the garments are an ode to ease and lightness, eschewing heavy embellishments for airy adornments in hues of dusty pink, white, lilac, and blue, ensuring comfort during the sweltering summers of Pakistan.

Photography: @asadbinjavedphoto
Concept: @haideralishah_
Stylist: @abdullah_sidiki
MUA: @makeupbyshainal
Jewellery: @amnashariff.jewelry @ayeshaccessories
Videography: @abdulah_mehr

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