A critical review of the most anticipated movie, Me Before You.

The most anticipated movie came out and it was everything short of a tear-jerker. The story of a quirky country girl being designated as a tool to help a rich quadriplegic emerge from his suicidal cocoon with the will to live, was the opposite of a romantic tragedy. The fact was that Louisa Clark, who felt satisfied living her life in a quaint town with the same job and fitness obsessed boyfriend, screamed out in dire need of a rescue. In some ways, it was she who needed the help and not Will Traynor. Trying to take a twist from the concept of a girl being rescued by ‘prince charming’, Jojo Moyes fell exactly in the same pool as Twilight. For what could have been an extraordinary journey about life, felt more like a forced romanticism between the characters. Apart from Emilia Clarke capturing the essence of the eccentric Louisa Clarke, it is commendable that the author and director, Theo Sharrock did not dance around the matter of disability. The pain, suffering, and agony that Sam Claflin portrayed drew in the audience. To be able to make them empathise and even understand the thought process behind his assisted suicide is a great feat to accomplish. For that, Sam Claflin and the director deserve credit. It is however, a disappointment that the protagonist Louisa Clark, was nothing more than a fleeting bird who tried effortlessly to make us fall in love with her over-the-top enthusiasm. She was in real need of gumption. All in all, the movie was at best sub-par with probably most of the male audience coming out with their heads in their hands pondering over the wasted time. And the girls came out swooning in love with Sam Claflin.

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Mahnoor Latif is a Smith College graduate.


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