Meta Drives Conversations on Responsible Content Creation with the Pakistani Facebook Community

Karachi, Pakistan – July 5, 2024: Meta has collaborated with Ali Gul Pir – Pakistani content creator and comedian – to host a four-episode weekly podcast #CreatewithCare. It has been designed to foster candid conversations with the Facebook community about building connections for positive experiences and creating content thoughtfully.

The last episode of the podcast was recorded live at a Meet & Greet event that Meta hosted at Avari Towers Karachi on Sunday, June 29. Content creators, Amtul Baweja and Mansoor Qureshi participated as guests and discussed the importance of sharing with care online.

Dr. Priyanka Bhalla, Meta’s Head of Safety Policy for South Asia, joined the conversation and discussed tools that are accessible to Facebook users to keep themselves safe on the platform. She said, “At Meta, we want people to have safe, positive experiences online. We provide tools and resources to help them enjoy their time on our platforms while staying safe and away from harmful content and unwanted contact.”

At Facebook, people can explore the things that matter to them and connect with people who share their interests. The event in Karachi is part of Meta’s initiative to connect with the Facebook community in Pakistan. It was attended by content creators, Facebook Group admins, digital publications and small business owners who started their journeys on Facebook.

Check out Ali Gul Pir’s podcast #CreatewithCare podcast in collaboration with Facebook: Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4.


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