A man is judged by the way they carry themselves, whether it is dealing with clients, entertaining guests or engaging in personal commitments.

To achieve that sharp look, one needs to indulge in regular grooming sessions, and in our opinion, there’s no one better suited in this city other than Paragon Salon, who can create the desired look you need.

Dimmed lights, neon signs and a vintage bike parked inside, create an un paralleled vibe which you completely submerge into. A courteous staff welcomes you as you walk through the door and guide you to your seat, getting you ready for your transformation.


Many Salons promise an exceptional experience, top-notch services, which create out of this world results, but Paragon Salon not only promises but thoroughly delivers what they commit to.

Having catered to multiple influencers, socialites and celebrities, converting them to regular clientele, Paragon has proved that they have superseded all competitors and have made a place in the top salons in Pakistan.  Their Hydra facials, keratin hair treatment, Manicure and Pedicure are just some of the few services that we have heard people rave about.


If you just don’t want a regular haircut/beard trim, but crave for a whole experience, one that stays with you, then without giving it a second thought, pick up your phone and book an appointment with Paragon Salon. We guarantee that you wont regret your decision, and thank us for introducing a new change in your lives.


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