My Dream for Pakistan:


Patriotism is riding high while Pakistan commemorates 71 years of independence. If you could change one thing about Pakistan, what would it be and why? Let’s hear what some celebs would change

By Haider Rifaat

“Our education system.”

—Azfar Jafri, Film director

“I want to see education youth driven programs that inspire people and give hope to future generations, a sense of equality and justice.”

—Deepak Perwani,

Fashion designer

“Equality of law for everyone —actually implemented.”

—Amir Adnan,

Fashion designer

“I would like to bring animal protection rights to the forefront. There should be a law to safeguard those rights. It is always taken as a foreign most commonly referred to as a western thought and I would like to change that and highlight awareness against animal cruelty.”

—Zhalay Sarhadi,


“Religious extremism”

—Muneeb Butt,


“That is a mighty tough question to answer but I will give it a try. Change itself is nothing. Change is a byproduct of certain steps that you take. Nobody is going to change anything over here because change is a reaction to a certain action that you take. If I have a choice or the capacity, I would change the whole education system. That will be my top priority; education, education, education! It should be uniform education. As we have a higher education commission, it is imperative that we make a primary education commission where we introduce one single syllabus for the whole country. Hopefully, in 20 years, a new generation that grows up will move in the right direction. With education, you will get all the positive change that is required to make Pakistan a great nation.”

—Khaled Anam,


“I would change the education system of the country and make sure every child, rich or poor, is provided with proper education.”

—Usman Mukhtar,


“Law and order, and education system. Free education for all!”

—Ayesha Omar,


“I would invest in our girls and women as they are the largest untapped potential of Pakistan. When women grow, families become stronger and nations progress.”

—Sadaffe Abid,

Founder CIRCLE

“Education is the key to success. That is one major thing we need to focus on and when I say education, it does not mean just a degree from random colleges. We need to change the mindset. Our society has deteriorated in the last 30 years. We need to come out of this deep jahalat and filth.”

—Ahsan Khan,


“I would want to see more respect for diversity and inclusion in Pakistan.”

—Nida Fatima Zaidi,


“Honest leadership. It will solve all our problems.”

—Dr. Rifaat Hussain, professor, defense analyst and television personality

“I hope to see more tolerance for things that are different or unfamiliar. Hopefully, leading to a culture of encouragement of those differences that make each of us unique.”

—Shahbaz Shigri,


“There is not just one thing to be honest. There are many but the most important thing I would like to change about Pakistan is corruption in every aspect. I feel if there were less corruption, we would not have economic, employment, water and electricity problems. No country is perfect but if there were less corruption in Pakistan, it would be better than what it is now!”

—Bilal Abbas Khan,


“Conservative perspectives of people in Pakistan. Also, the hate we have for each other in our hearts for no reason.”

—Momal Sheikh,


“Equal rights for our women – and I am talking the very basics, like getting the same food on the table, education and even the right of a girl child to live instead of being killed at birth!”

—Samra Muslim, CEO, Walnut Communications

“Education system.”

—Hareem Farooq,


“I would like to change the literacy rate of our country. We need to be well educated to be able to make the right decisions about our life and also to choose the right leadership.”

—Junaid Khan,


“I would start with an overhaul of the education sector, especially for public schools. We drastically need to see the government invest in bettering educational facilities for our youth on a grass root level.”

—Ali Rehman Khan,


“I would like to make Pakistanis more aware of the ground realities and their rights as citizens. Obviously I want more kids to be educated alongside health and education facilities for the common people.”

—Sana Sarfaraz,


“If I had it in my power to bring about a change in Pakistan, it would be in the level of regard that needs to be shown to our Constitution by all bastions of power. I would not allow anyone or  anything to hinder the true path of democracy.”

—Raja Changez Sultan, Artist

“One thing I would like to change about Pakistan is the fact that we need to start making a lot of animal shelters and focus on animal rights as this is one thing that I feel gets neglected all the time. We need to look after stray animals in Pakistan & look after the animals in the zoo as well.”

—Ramsha Khan,



“I would change that no political seat or vote can be bought.”

—Zahid Ahmed,


“I would not change anything but I would like to improve the people who are trying  to change Pakistan.”

—Humayun Alamgir,

Fashion designer

“I would want justice to prevail. People shouldn’t fear going to the concerned departments for their complaints. No woman should be stopped to stand for her rights. Only justice at the right time can change the mindset of people because it shouldn’t be the prerogative of the rich and powerful only!”

—Masarrat Misbah,

Philanthropist/founder & CEO of Depilex

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