Everyone seems to be busy with shaadis and the fun and ensuing chaos that come with them. For last-minute crises (like dress malfunctions to the baraat arriving early) we bring you the fixes and tricks to keep your shaadi season stress-free and more fun than ever!



Wedding Dress Disasters

[fdropcap]1[/fdropcap]Multiple days of shaadi functions also means a slew of outfits to manage. Meaning, in other words, wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen on your big day: clothes getting switched at the tailors, sleeves that won’t go up your arms, kaamwaalas and their broken promises, and so on.

Tip: Keep a detailed log of all kaarigars, designers, kaamwaalas and launderers working on your outfits. Write everything out: receipts, delivery times, and stay on top of it. Make little reminders on your phone if need be. Keep last minute alterations for much before the last minute and make sure all hooks and supports and naalas are in order. Just in case, always keep a safety pin or two at hand for a quick fix.

gi10Jalal Salahuddin (event manager) says…

Many women spend their entire lifetimes dreaming about their wedding day. We’ve witnessed brides who have been left high and dry by their fancy designers and had to end up wearing samples.

gi11Mehreen Raheal (actor/model) says…

On the day of my mehndi, we were all colour coordinated. But my father’s kurta got lost and he was the odd one out. That was quite a disaster. Keep a close eye on your clothes!


Shaadi Hall Trouble

[fdropcap]2[/fdropcap]Shaadi goers must all subscribe to the curfew. Venues shut down officially by 10pm and sometimes wedding guests are left in darkness as early as 9:45! After all, it is the law.

Tip: The best thing for anyone getting married is to plan ahead. Have someone always be in contact with the baraat and ensure that it is arriving on time at the venue. No one likes being a party pooper, but rasms like mehndi, joota chuppai and doodh pillai must all run on a fixed schedule with an allotted time slot for each rasm. Taking a leaf from weddings in the West, it’s not a bad idea to keep a rehearsal dinner a day or two ahead with a few key people present. It will help you get an idea of how time will pass during the function.

gi10Jalal Salahuddin says…

Oh gosh, we’ve had too many but the worst by far was recently when the weather-proof marquee almost sank into the ground due to unexpected rainfall, we had to dig dikes, install suction pumps and build a proper drainage system to keep the water out of the canopy. And that too within 24 hours!

gi12Aamir Mazhar says…

We managed a wedding in the summer where the client wanted extra air conditioning. We had ordered backup generators and extra AC units but as luck would have it, in the first hour all of them conked off. So extra AC’s had to be arranged last minute. One should always have a contingency plan when managing events and be prepared for the worst.

gi13Asimyar Tiwana says…

On my mehndi, it started raining cats and dogs so we had to move the event inside our haveli in the village. My tip: Always check the weather forecast and have an alternate venue as plan B if your event is outdoors.


Makeup Messups

[fdropcap]3[/fdropcap]One has heard many a tale of brides being traumatized on the day of their wedding. Even the ‘pros’ can miscalculate and think it’s a really good idea to make you look like a tart. Be excruciatingly specific about the kind of makeup you want; make sure to take into account your skin tone, outfit, and the weather. Make-up trials are now pretty routine; a good artist should definitely provide a trial run.

gi14Mariam Omar (makeup artist) says…

The biggest disaster is when brides are not confident. Looking and feeling good on the inside means looking and feeling good on the outside too. Another disaster that commonly occurs is when brides come in requesting looks that they have seen on movie stars, irrespective of whether ‘the look’ is right for them.

gi10Jalal Salahuddin says…

Smokey eyes and red lipstick together is a big NO! Too many Pakistani bridal make-up artists make the mistake of layering on thick make-up in the mistaken belief that pictures will come out good. This is not true at all. Using too much make-up on your wedding day is a sure way to have all of your wedding day pictures look washed-out!


Music Blunders

[fdropcap]4[/fdropcap]Mehndis are becoming more and more synonymous with choreographed dances straight out of Bollywood. With more themed mehndis, organized dance routines and other theatrics like impromptu skits, the DJ’s role becomes crucial. We have seen raunchy and unsuitable songs come on just as your parents are due to be walking you in to the tune of Mehndi Hain Rachnay Vaali.

Tip: Hire a solid DJ and request references from past clients. Meet with the DJ and determine a list of songs to which they must stick, even if it means playing the same song twice in a night. DJ’s hate repeating tracks, so have a good long chat about the songs you want repeated.

gi10Jalal Salahuddin says…

We rarely have music malfunctions at our events as we have a set playlist for each genre complimenting the nature of the event. But there have been incidences when DJ’s have let loose to play Nargis songs during rukhsatis!


Smokey eyes and red lipstick together is a big NO! Too many Pakistani bridal make-up artists make the mistake of layering on thick make-up in the mistaken belief that pictures will come out good

Uninvited Attendees

[fdropcap]5[/fdropcap]A friend of a friend of a friend arriving at your wedding uninvited is at the end of the day a gate-crasher. Extra people will mean running tight on the catering. Be on the safe side and arrange for an extra 30 odd guests. It’s also a good idea to have some extra wedding cards printed for those overlooked guests with whom protocol is important.

gi10Jalal Salahuddin says…

We’ve experienced wedding crashers especially at events where a foreign artist is performing.





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