We asked some of your favourite celebrities: What are your views on valentine’s day?

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Juggun Kazim, Actress

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate the love you have with your significant other. Yes, I do celebrate it but I try to celebrate it every day because every day should be special in your relationship. The best part of romance, be it on this day or any other day of the year, is being with your family and loved ones!


HSY, Designer

I personally think love shouldn’t be confined to one V-Day. The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that it brings back the fondest memories from my childhood and later growing up as a teenager. I think contrary to common perception, V–Day should not be confined to a girlfriend/ boyfriend or husband/wife relationship. It’s a day for appreciating relationships in any form. Apart from that you also get gifts from loved ones on this particular day so V–Day is something I always look forward to!

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Adnan Pardesy, Designer

I absolutely love the idea of celebrating Valentine’s day. I think there is nothing wrong in couples celebrating this day unlike a lot of people who think the idea of Valentine’s day is overrated, and one must celebrate love every day. You can’t celebrate your birthday every day. So let’s not hesitate in celebrating and acknowledging the love and joy! Happy Valentine’s day!


Ammara Khan, Designer

In my personal view, Valentine’s Day has become a bit over-glorified in today’s world. To be honest, I see it targeting teenage/high school love. Love is something that should be celebrated every single day with your loved ones.


Layla Chatoor, Designer

Without getting into the roots of the day, any day which celebrates love and inspires people to appreciate and cherish their loved ones is the need of today’s world. I celebrate Valentine’s Day with the same spirit every year but if you truly love someone, every day is Valentine’s Day.

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MARIA.B, Designer

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder for us to do something special for the loved ones in our lives. We often tend to take our loved ones and relationships for granted! I’m not big on the consumerism associated with it though.


Frieha Altaf, Event manager 

Valentine’s Day is about love and affection towards the people we love. I wish all my friends family colleagues happiness and love. I also wish love to those refugees who are displaced by war, the families who lost their children in Peshawar and our armed forces that are working to eradicate terrorism from Pakistan. Last but not least to the Pakistani cricket team at the World Cup!


Saba Sharjeal, Chef 

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for me. I’m drowning in sugar hearts and teddy bears, roses, assorted baskets, chocolate covered strawberries and so much more! I make a lot of couples happy with all that sugar rush. Personally, I believe you dont need a particular day to celebrate your love for the other person. I’m such a stupid romantic at heart, though, and maybe a dozen roses and a really good home cooked meal is all that I want on this day.


Mohammed Ahmed, Writer

Whenever and wherever there is an occasion to be happy about, I want to celebrate it. Especially in these times that we live in, if there is any thing to be happy about, I don’t want to miss it. Whether its a small or a big occasion, I don’t ask where it’s coming from or why, I just want to celebrate it and be happy.


Shaniera Akram, HomeMaker & wife of wasim Akram

Valentine’s Day reminds you to believe in love and that fairytales really do happen. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


Ayesha Omer, Singer and Actor 

Love can be expressed or spread any day of the year but it’s cute to do it with rest of the world on one special day. But I think Valentine’s Day has become far too commercial and less personal. It should be about doing something special for your loved ones and taking out time to tell them you love them—not just spending lots of money buying expensive presents. Maybe make something yourself, like cards or a scrapbook, or cook a loving meal or bake something yummy. Also it shouldn’t only be about expression of romantic love. Platonic, family, sibling and general love for special people in your life can also be expressed if you don’t have a partner or special person in your life. You shouldn’t feel left out.

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