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Boxer Amir and wife Faryal Khan throw an extravagant birtday party for toddler daughter in a football stadium

Daughters are a gift from God. Every parent would agree with me when I say daughters are angels sent from heaven to put a smile on our faces. All parents do their utomost to keep their little girls happy. Amir and Faryal Khan, who live in Bolton, U.K. went  all out for their their little princess for an over the top birthday party costing £100,000 to celebrate her second birthday, which fell on May 23rd.

During the planning stage whenever Amir was out of town for training, promotional event or a fight, Faryal kept him updated about the event planning and took the initiative to arrange everything herself for the extravagant day. She took 3 months to plan the whole extravaganza. With a lot of effort and a huge budget, Lamaisah’s second birthday was a memorable and precious day for the family, which they shared with their 250 nearest and dearest.

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The grand party took place at the Bolton Wanderers Football Stadium, which was set up with a carousel for the occasion and included Pegga Pig, Disney princesses and a real life ballerina.. The couple complemented each other in shades of blue—Amir wearing an Aegean blue checked suit with a sky blue shirt and Faryal wearing an arctic blue sari. Their daughter was dolled up in a rose pink fluffy frock. The couple was clearly beaming with pride and joy as you can see in Amir’s Instagram video. How they danced with their daughter in the middle of the stage! Must have been quite a spectacle. Faryal’s effort even astounded the boxer as he gasped about how beautiful it looked and that she had done such an amazing job.

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“I was busy training when she was planning this, but every day I was getting crazy bills and thinking, ‘What’s this for?’ Every penny spent on my daughter is worth it, though. After all, all this hard work I do is for her, for my kid,” the boxer said in an interview to Hello  magazine U.K.

Faryal justified the exorbitant expense by saying in the same interview that that the next grand party for their daughter would be be held when her daughter turns 16, so she wanted one extra special day for her princess. She added that initially adjusting in the UK was difficult for her when she got married in 2013, but now she has held her ground, especially after their daughter was born.

Newly married

Both the parents confessed how their lives have changed since the beginning of their marriage with the birth of Lamaisah and how they now revolve around their child. Their priorities have switched from traipsing around to loving each other and their little one. Faryal gave details about how Amir has over time helped her adjust from a different place with his kind heart and nature. She describes in the same interview how he does everything for his wife and child now putting himself second. She now has to force him to go out and loosen up a little more often, but he likes getting cosy with two of his favourite females. I must say he has settled down to become quite the family man.

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