In life you aspire to be the best version of yourself, a version that is unique and distinctive. You want to stand out, be noticed, and be admired. But the question is how far should we go to get what we want?

There is a fierce debate surrounding the need to upgrade one’s appearance by permitting the use of methods that can adjust the way you look. Some people frown upon the idea of exercising aesthetic medicine or dermatology and label it as a superfluous alteration. However, there are those who have a better understanding of the procedures and have also embraced the groundbreaking practices.

One of the biggest advocates of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Muhammad Tauqeer Ahmed  said, “Aesthetic Medicine is one of the most rapid growing specialties and to this effect a new postgraduate college for its specialization has been established in the UK. In this modern era a niche, which could not be filled by other aspects of medicine, has been addressed. The regulation of practitioners is key to ensure that quality treatment is delivered. Exciting times are ahead with stem cell therapy and DNA based research to reverse the aging process.”

A UK graduate with a special interest in dermatology, he is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and launched Vaser Liposuction, Carboxytherapy, PRP and PDT therapy in Scotland and the UK.

But how do we know what we want? Which processes work better and which techniques suit us?

The consultant can either do what the patient wants and leave the decision entirely up to him/her or recognize their need and guide him/her accordingly. Dr. Ahmed’s methodology is unique; he not only discusses the changes his patients want but also inquires why? He believes in understanding the desire to change, and feels the more he knows about the person, the more accurate his assessment will be. Maybe what is required is a simple procedure like Botox or other non-surgical face lifting treatments that not only give an instant lift but also keep the look enhanced for long periods. Known as the go to doctor for many in the fashion and beauty industry including Miss Scotland and Miss Earth, Dr Ahmed’s clientele is as diverse as the methods he’s mastered.

Client testimonials:

Natasha said, “I love Dr Ahmed’s medical facials, especially DMK that tightens and evens out skin and PRP, which not only activates but gives the skin an amazing glow as well.”

Amira said, “I have had melasma on my cheeks and forehead for many years for which I have gone through many treatments in vain. Dr. Ahmed used a combination of treatments and procedures accompanied by a dedicated follow-up assessment. After three treatments, many people have complimented me. His service spells out the highest level of professionalism with commitment”.

Young, beautiful and healthy girl with the arrows on her face (spa, surgery, face lifting and make-up concept collage)

Dr Ahmed is well known for his comprehensive protocol, his use of multi-disciplinary approach and combination therapies are a success; he has a great track record for treatment of dark circles, stretch marks, cellulite, acne, pigmentation and other common skin problems, and he is one of the few doctors who specializes in dark Asian skin and has customized procedures for his patients. Dr Ahmed is now offering his services in Pakistan and has established a Cosmetic Mega clinic located in Lahore where he is also currently working on DNA based aesthetic, weight management, sports performance, and non-surgical hair loss treatments.

For Appointments:
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