Who? Mona Maqsood 

WHY? Her fruity cocktail matches the tropical print on her tunic. We love her modern sharara. Very cute!

Who? Frieha Altaf
Why? Always impeccably dressed, her neutral palette is classy and a great daytime look

Who? Hussnain Lehri
Why? The hipster beard may be a little dated now, but the rest of the outfit is perfection itself. The model is styled to within an inch of his life

Who? Wardha Saleem
Why? You can’t go wrong with a white shirt. Here, she plays with a classic look with fun silk trousers, a bright shoe and Outhouse jewellery

Who? Mantahaa Maqsood
Why? We love the asymmetric top and flared pants. Plus she has the confidence to not pile on the jewellery

Who? Anoushey Ashraf
WHY? She’s looking forward to Spring with this whimsical, floral jumpsuit

Good Times


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