Maham Nayer, an AUD (American University in Dubai) graduate, crossed the Indian Ocean over to the Maldives. After chilling on the beach, enjoying the water sports and gorging on an array of cuisine, she narrates her idyllic tropical island break to her friend Fatima Sheikh 

Why Maldives?

It was the most impromptu plan ever. Four days before flying, my brother in law told me that we are going to Maldives for a short trip. As shocking as it was, it was also the most pleasant surprise ever. It’s thanks to him for taking us all on the wonderful trip.

What is the best time to visit?

You can visit at anytime throughout the year as it’s a tropical place and the weather is pretty much the same year round. Make sure that you check the weather forecast for rain, because when it rains the water becomes very unclear and you can’t enjoy the water sports then. (It’s low season during the hot summer months so you can avail a great discount. Come winter and the rates are sky high.)

Where did you stay?

We stayed at Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi. It is a 35 minute boat ride from Male airport, which was really convenient. It’s a beautiful resort and the staff was very welcoming and attentive.

Favourite restaurant?

That’s a tough one! The food was amazing at all the restaurants; however, if I have to pick a favourite it would be Salt. It’s a fine dining Japanese restaurant at the resort. We had a delicious 6 course meal there. The food was to die for and so was the ambience.

How to get around?

We took the hotel cart or buggy to get from one place to another. Most of the times, however, we would just walk. It’s a small island so everything was close by.

What did you get up to during the day?

I was staying at a beach villa so I woke up to the comforting rythm of ocean waves and birds chirping. I watched the sunrise once and it was the most scenic and pleasant view ever. After that, I would go for breakfast at an outdoor restaurant next to the beach and enjoy the ocean view from there.

Where to stay?

I really enjoyed my stay at Per Aquum Huavafen Fushi, but it really depends on what you are looking for. There are many beautiful resorts there and you have to be very careful while choosing which resort to stay at as each resort is an build over a different island and when you choose a resort, you are technically choosing that island for your trip.

What to eat?

Again, it depends on which resort you are staying at, as you either be dining ala carte or at the hotel buffet. With that being said you will surely have lots of options and could try a different cuisine for every meal everyday, including different types of salads/starters, seafood, Japanese, Indian Mediterranean cuisine, etc. and an array of desserts.

What to see?

You can experience the serenity as well as the enchantment of nature. The vast Indian Ocean, the marine life, and the beaches are all so alluring. The water sports are a must-do for anyone travelling to the Maldives. Jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, swimming in the deep blue water makes you come alive.

Five essentials you cannot live without when traveling?
1. Camera
2. Flip flops
3. Shades
4. Sun screen
5. Apres Sun Moisturiser

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