Who? Uzma Ramzan

Why? This woman in red has chosen to go with neuatral accessories. Full on red with matching handbag and shoes would surely have been an over-kill


Who? Ali

Why? It’s refreshing to see a man not wearing embroidery or a multi-hued desi outfit. The colourful peacocks should take a page out of his book

Who? Xille Huma

WHY? You can be all covered and understated but still look striking via a statement accessory

Who? Sherbano

Why? And this is how you cover up a pregnancy bump. She’s postitively glowing

Who? Mussarat Salamat

Why? You don’t have to overdress to look good. Her silk scarf lends a Parisian flair to this simple monochrome outfit

Who? Sadaf Kanwal

WhY? The buttercream coloured ruffled strapless top and flared pants are on-point


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