Who? Aden Rehan  

Why? The PR executive looks pretty in her feminine, floral outfit

Who? Hasnain Lehri

Why? Here the model shows how you can’t go wrong with a classic kameez shalwar, and waistcoat with Peshawari chappals

Who? Amna Babar

Why? You can do boho chic desi. What a standout look!

Who? Abeer Rizvi

Why? Now only if we could look as cool and collected as she does

Who? Khadija

WhY? Love the tropical print, and the fall of the fabric. The sliver of midriff showing adds an extra oomph!

Who? Fouzia Aman

Why? The belted tunic makes all the difference. Shapeless looks sloppy. Here the silhouette is flowy but tailored

Good Times


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