Natasha Zubair’s oeuvre defies hackneyed description. Prodigiously gifted, she lends her unique perspective to all she captures. Whether its wedding, fashion or editorial photography, she is setting benchmarks for young photographers. Natasha spoke to Afshan Shafi for this fortnight’s For Art’s Sake about all the aspects of her vision

Please tell us about your background as an artist and your education in this regard.

I’m currently a 4th year Communication Design student at National College of Arts. I work as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and videographer and I have my own stationery line!

Which artists, local or international, have influenced or informed your point of view the most?

Locally I have looked up to Sir Umar Nadeem and Naveed Amjad who are both my seniors at the National College of Arts (NCA). As an artist who is always ready to learn, I feel I would have never evolved without them. They’ve been a great help and inspiration in my work! Internationally my favorite artists are Maya Beano, Laura Makabresku and Ben Sasso. They’re a mix of 35mm film photographers and digital photographers.

Which of your creations are you most attached to and why?

My photographs that I’ve taken in 35mm film are the closest to my heart. The time, prayers (hoping they’re not destroyed) and effort that’s taken to develop these photographs can not compare to the effortless process of posting a digital photo. I’ve recently started to experiment with mix mediums on my films such as bleach, lemon juice, salt and coffee. The late nights I’ve spent taking old reels and trying to make new works of art have been more therapeutic than words can describe!

If you could travel back in time to an era in art history which period would you choose and why?

The early 20th century, when the art movement Dadaism was alive. This movement fascinates me because artists at this time strived to create something different than what was expected from them and they did this by poking fun at modern art. Man Ray is one of my favorite artists from this time.

Which artists living or dead would you have loved to collaborate with?

Salvador Dali and Laura Makabresku.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Every single response has truly been memorable! Whether it’s about my photography or my stationery line, people are so much kinder than I would have expected and that’s why I always get super awkward or red whenever someone compliments my work.

A Dance with the Devil

Natasha Zubair X Eman Suleman

Good Times


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