Foodpanda decided to take us on a delicious journey through the trendiest restaurants in Lahore.  Much to our delight, each stop on the tour was a unique restaurant that foodpanda carefully selected just with each restaurant simply being a delight.

The First stop of foodpanda’s Good Food Tour in Lahore was all about starters which were to die for.


The scrumptious starters at Napoli which included their cheesy bruschetta with tomato chunks, deliciously textured prawns and fried calamari tantalized our taste buds the moment we took our first bite.

Second stop of the tour was a trip to Rivoli.  And we can say without a doubt that they has some of the most delicious food that we have tried for quite some time. Our personal favorite was Rivoli’s stuffed & tender chicken slider which were a welcomed delight, especially with all the sauces that enhanced the overall flavor.


Next stop for us was a trip to Sweet Affairs. We were treated to some delicious Pizza & Pasta along with some Basil Beef served with rice.

No food adventure is complete without satisfying the need for something sweet. To satisfy are craving for some sweet treats we dropped by at Mocca Coffee for some delectable deserts. We can safely say that we got what we came for, the chocolate brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was a heavenly.

To sum it up, we truly enjoyed going on this food expedition with foodpanda. Lahore as always never disappoints especially when it comes to food. We would definitely be on the lookout for the next tour.

Good Times


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