Jewellery brand Kohar is the brainchild of two ambitious young men, Ahmed and Danish who in a short period of time have won over celebrities and collectors with their jewels. Kohar is synonymous with standout pieces encrusted with beautifully cut jewels that exude femininity. Danish and Ahmed advise Sana Zehra how women should accessorize with statement pieces

How did you two become jewellery designers?

Danish: As a team we bring two unique perspectives and strengths. Ahmed is the mastermind behind the design and aesthetics. Our pieces have an artistic background and have a strong artisan spirit.

Ahmed: Danish is more hands on and is responsible for the operations at Kohar. Both of us had one major thing in common though, we both made multiple trips to jewellers accompanying our mothers or sisters. It started a few years ago when we began to sketch our own designs and learnt about different metals and stones and the complexities of putting together a statement worthy jewellery piece.

What jewellery trends do you predict for the coming months?

For the upcoming wedding season, we would like to see women steering clear of over accessorizing and sporting single statement pieces, like chokers with studs, chaand balis, maalas, etc.

What is different about Kohar designs?

Our designs are quite bold we feel. Our jewellery is for women that appreciate craftsmanship, quality metal and stones. We create designs that are not limiting to current trends. That is what makes our pieces premium and unique.

How did you get so many famous faces to wear your pieces?

We’ve been very fortunate that celebrities have supported us and given us so much love. Collaborating with beautiful people who enjoy sporting our designs is as enjoyable for us as we hope it is for them.

What’s your favourite piece/s from your collection?

Our favourite pieces of jewellery are classics that never go out of style. Personally, we really like our pearl and diamond combination. This combination goes well with eastern as well as western attire.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There is no definitive answer to this question, really. We don’t stick to a specific area for inspiration. For the most part, however, it’s old school glam…Renaissance art, Mughal era, 60s Bollywood.  Old world charm inspires us whether it is for our big pieces or smaller ones that are more modern.

It surprises us sometimes that we are both old souls!

What are the dos and don’ts when accessorizing?

Women should understand that they have their own individual style.

Any piece that they select should reflect them. Too many pieces at one time ruins the whole image. Wear few but very selective pieces which compliment you. Also some women don’t understand what is age appropriate, for example a young girl can get away with modern colourful earrings but older women may not.

Biggest fashion mistake women make when they choose their pieces?

The combination of heavy clothes with too much jewellery is such an overkill! It takes away from both, the clothes and the jewellery. Women need to get the chemistry right!

Is this quote ever true “I have enough jewellery”?

There can never be enough jewellery. The heart always wants more than the pocket can afford. The struggle is real.

* Any messages for upcoming jewellery designers?

Our message to upcoming designers is to stay true to their design sense and vision. We believe that the key to success in this field is to create original pieces that resonate with the modern woman whether it is for her everyday look or for when she has to dress up for an occasion. For anyone who is looking to enter this industry, we will also say, it’s a lot of hard work so be here if you are truly passionate. It will show in your work. Good luck!

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