The power list of trailblazers who have championed  gallant causes and raised standards of success in their respective fields

Managing Director, Careem Pakistan and Saudi Arabia; Co-founder and Chairperson, Salt Arts

Managing Director of Careem Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Junaid Iqbal is also the co-founder and Chairperson of Salt Arts- Pakistan’s leading Arts Management and Production agency, with an overriding focus on creating experiential live music events. An economist by training, Junaid is lauded as a growth and turnaround specialist with a diverse professional portfolio. From an energy futures trader in the US, launching and hosting groundbreaking television shows and leading privatisation deals to the tune of $1.6 billion as CEO of Elixir Securities—he has done it all.  Junaid spends his free time listening to music, reading and spending time in the mountains. Text: Areesha Chaudhry

Human rights activist and lawyer

Jibran is a human rights activist who fearlessly works for the protection of minorities in Pakistan. He is a trustee at Elaj Trust and founded the NGO, Never Forget Pakistan.  His work got him featured in Foreign Policy Magazine amongst the three Pakistanis making considerable effort against sectarian violence. In January 2015, he played a key role in organising a new movement to reclaim Pakistan from violent extremism. Text: Hassan Tahir Latif

Co-founder and Managing Director, Clinic5

After graduating from the Aga Khan University, Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa went on to pursue a career in public health and co-founded Clinic5, an affordable health delivery service in Pakistan. Despite being a strong proponent of the scale of impact his field offers, he believes healthcare within our country requires a radical shift. With Clinic5, he aims to work towards that very dream and hopes of a Pakistan where basic medical treatment is readily available to all.  Dr. Mustafa is a 2015 Asia 21 Young Leader at the Asia Society and a regional fellow at the Acumen Fellowship for social entrepreneurs. In 2018 he joined the Harvard School of Public Health as a Bernard Lown Scholar. He is also a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann & Skoll Scholar at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.  Mohsin balances the love for his work with his passion for the outdoors and reading books. Text: Mehek Raza Rizvi

Co-founder, Bykea

Ishaq Kothawala gave up his monotonous day job, realising he wanted more from life than just working day in and out to help build someone else’s empire. Chasing his dream of doing something meaningful and of scalable impact, he put all his bets on Bykea, an all-in-one app for transportation, delivery and payment services. The young entrepreneur is a huge advocate of the convenience technology offers and hopes to use it to add value to people’s lives. Text: Sana Zehra

Co-founders, The Videographers (TVG)

The trio behind The Videographers (TVG) quit their respective jobs in the same year to start working on an idea they had in college. After five years of building and working on TVG, they now have offices in Lahore, Karachi and Dubai with a team of over 50 people, making them the largest video production house in the country. They credit their successful partnership to their complementing personalities. Zohaib is a vigorous planner and go-getter, Kabeer is more composed and rational and Zain is introspective and extremely artistic; each partner brings something distinctive to the table. With growing demands on digital video content, TVG has since expanded its services to include a content creation agency by the name of Viral Media and TED, which is a full circle event concierge planning, and design service. Furthermore, TVG also plans to launch a content creation studio in 2020 where YouTubers can shoot live videos using the TVG platform. Text: Areesha Chaudhry

Founder, A Different Agenda

Moin Khan is a graduate of San Francisco State University. Upon graduating he started working for a Bay Area startup company ‘SecretBuilders’ but soon quit to pursue his passion for adventure and riding bikes. He spent June through December 2011 travelling from San Francisco, California to Lahore, Pakistan on his Honda CBR F4i sports bike, for which he became viral on social media. Since then Moin has used his popularity to encourage tourism across Pakistan under the name of ‘A Different Agenda.’ His upcoming project includes Pakistan’s first ever motorcycle racing event to be held in Punjab within the next couple of months. Text: Hassan Tahir Latif

Co-founder, Caramel Tech Studios

Shayan Zaeem Khan, an avid gamer, co-founded Caramel Tech Studios in 2011. The Lahore-based company is a premier game development house that has worked on blockbuster games like Blades of Battle and RPG.
He also co-founded Fizz Inc in 2015, raising over $1 million in seed capital. Fizz helps to break down language barriers in the gaming community and connects over two billion gamers across the globe. Text: Hassan Tahir Latif

Youngest and only Pakistani to finish the Mongol Derby Race

In August 2018, Saif Noon became the first Pakistani to have finished the world’s longest and toughest horse race at just ninteen years of age. The Mongol Derby is a thousand kilometre horse race through the Mongolian Steppe. This race is meant to be similar to the horse messenger system created by the Mongolian ruler, Genghis Khan. The horses used for the race were semi wild, while the terrain included deserts, steppes, fields, mountains, hills and even rivers. Saif has been riding since he was seven and has helped raise funds for charities through the sport. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at The Royal Agricultural University in England. Text: Areesha Chaudhry

hahnawaz Zali
Filmmaker and nominee for Student Academy Award 2016

Shahnawaz Zali is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Qatar campus. Shahnawaz was nominated for a Student Academy Award in 2016 for his documentary on suicide bombers, 100 Steps—Sou Qadam. He’s gone on to win several other accolades at international events including the Miami Independent Film Festival and the Accolade Global Film Festival. He also made the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list in 2017. Text: Sana Zehra

Sarmad Ahmad
General Manager and Co-Founder, Saaya Health

Sarmad Ahmad has seen the issue of mental health first hand. Members of his family suffered and recovered from various issues and he saw much stigma and miscommunication surrounding mental well-being. This is what inspired him to start an online counseling site. Saaya Health offers online counselling with trained professional counselors. Saaya also teamed up with organizations to help improve emotional health by simple tech solutions. Change according to Sarmad is a slow process. By focusing on core strength Saaya is helping make therapy and counselling commonplace. Text: Sana Zehra

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