Successful barrister Saiff Ali Akbar not only specializes in lucrative corporate litigation but also does a lot of pro bono work and takes on family law cases. Before entering law school Saiff used to act in theatre and was also the chair of debate during his university year in London. Saiff is seen at every party and makes our list of Bright Young Sparks for his NGO and pro bono work. Saiff is a part of the steering committee of NGO Careforhealth and used to be a mental health practitioner providing group therapy. He has done special projects for The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and did a massive research presentation and conducted research all over Sindh to include kindergarten level in TCF. Saiff is also working very closely with PILAP (Protecting and promoting the Fundamental Rights of the Citizens), which is public interest litigation association of Pakistan. Saiff has organised various mental health and law seminars as well. With PILAP Saiff has done work on the education system and water and he plans on getting the Sindh Mental Health Act instituted through their platform, Saiff is also on the management committee of Pakistan Lawyers Guild,  and on the side does pro bono work for Qaaf sey Qanoon as well as family law. additionally, he holds creative classes for a low income school near his house. One day, Saiff aims to open an orphanage as well. high achieving saiff chats with Sana Zehra

What do you like doing the most: law work, activism, socializing or partying?

Helping those who are in need, so I would have to say activist.

If you were offered a role in drama, what would you want to play an actor, villain or a pro bono lawyer?

Definitely the villain!

Have limited free time, how do you spend it?

Eat chocolate cake and sleep.

What is currently missing in our youth today?

I believe that the passion is there but the drive is lacking.

What is the biggest personal change you’ve ever made?

To be more confident and have faith in my abilities. I think our society is one that thrives on self-loathing and forces one to be overly critical of oneself so to accept yourself for who you are, in this day and age, is quite an accomplishment

How patriotic are you and how do you express it?

I’m extremely patriotic. I believe instead of wearing a shirt or a cap that says “I love my country,” one should actually help society and so I try to do the best I can with whatever resources are available to me. One of the reasons I came back after university was to try and help my country in whichever way possible. I have been very lucky with the people I have met since who have shared the same vision as me and helped me in progressing towards achieveing my goals.

In a relationship are you more of a “heart breaker” or “heart broken”?

Definitely the heart breaker

Are you a rule keeper or a rule breaker?

Depends on the rule

Most intense dream you ever had?

What exactly do you mean by intense dream? OnceI dreamt that I was the winner of Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and just when he was about to hand me the keys to his factory, my alarm rang (fairly intense considering my love for chocolate).

Fantasy celebrity girlfriend and why?

Emma Stone–those eyes!

The government offers you an irreversible drone strike on one person with no physical harm. Who would that person be and why?

Drone Strikes are horrible. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

We always see you so smartly dressed. Who styles you?

(Haha) Thank you! I’m not cool enough to have a stylist but I definitely look up to my older brother (read steal things from his closet).

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart casual

Ever got your heart broken?

Well, Emma Stone still hasn’t discovered me yet so … yes!

Signature scent?

Legend Spirit by Montblanc

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