Heartiest congratulations, Hassan on achieving the significant milestone of thirty years in the fashion industry. This remarkable accomplishment undoubtedly merits commendation. How do you reflect upon this momentous achievement?

I am deeply moved and gratified by this milestone. Beyond merely completing three decades as a fashion designer, these years have been marked by profound growth and diverse accomplishments, including directing fashion shows and venturing into acting.

The presence of my sister and niece, who walked the ramp for me, imbued the celebration with personal significance. The overwhelming support and attendance of all who came to show their love and support underscored the immense value of familial and professional relationships. Despite facing unforeseen challenges, the unwavering commitment to persevere and ensure the show’s success was emblematic of resilience and dedication.

Hassan you have always been very creative with your fashion shows, and this 30 years celebration was just magnificent. Tell us about all the challenges that you had to face in bringing this huge show together?

The undertaking of this grand celebration presented a myriad of challenges, each demanding meticulous attention and unwavering resolve. Fashion showcases of such magnitude are a rarity in Pakistan, amplifying the complexity of the endeavor. Yet, I am profoundly grateful for the steadfast support and dedication of all involved, driven by their unwavering allegiance to our shared vision.

The journey was marked by countless sleepless nights and formidable obstacles, yet it epitomized the resilience and collective effort of an unwavering team. From orchestrating the intricacies of venue planning and adornment to orchestrating the participation of esteemed international luminaries and distinguished local models, every aspect demanded meticulous attention.

Our team left no stone unturned in imbuing the event with the quintessential essence of HSY’s aesthetic, from the meticulous studio embellishment to the seamless orchestration of the runway. Even the culinary offerings were thoughtfully curated to harmonize with the overarching ambiance of the celebration.

Despite the inherent challenges and moments of fatigue, the overwhelming outpouring of affection and acclaim from all quarters served as a potent antidote to any tribulations encountered. It is this resolute support and the resounding triumph of the event that truly overshadow any adversities encountered along the way.

Hassan, your reputation as the king of Couture precedes you, and your bridal creations, particularly in the rich hues of red, have garnered widespread admiration. However, why do you consistently opt for white as the theme for your celebratory events?

The choice of white as the thematic cornerstone for celebratory events symbolizes unity and inclusivity. It serves to transcend societal differences and foster an environment of harmony and togetherness, where all individuals feel welcomed and embraced. By embodying purity and elegance, white creates a canvas upon which diverse attendees can converge and celebrate collectively, irrespective of social or status distinctions.

Can you mention the names of the distinguished international guests who adorned the ramp for HSY, imparting an aura of global allure to the event?

For our ‘HSY Resort’ collection we had

  • Afshan Samee
  • Anushe Samee
  • Waleed Khalid
  • Maheen Kardar
  • Shehryar Taseer
  • Jalal Babar
  • Rema Taseer
  • Asif Rehman

For our ‘HSY Trousseau’ collection we had

  • Daniel Lee
  • Shoa Caan
  • Haseeb Ahmed Shah
  • Adhrita Nowrin
  • Hormigo Valldeperez
  • Kunwal Safdar
  • Khaled Jamal Mustafa Sharan
  • Nina Filippa Noshin Zandnia
  • Mohamed Labib Rafiq Alborno
  • Sufeena Hussain
  • Ayman Ahmed Fakoussa

Our final segment ‘HSY Couture’ featured:

  • Vaneeza
  • Mehreen Syed
  • Focus Aman
  • Amna ilyas
  • Aimal khan
  • Amna baber
  • Rizwan jaffery
  • Hasnain lehri

The fashion industry of Pakistan has witnessed a fusion of both digital and live elements within a single fashion show for the first time. What was your inspiration behind this?

The integration of digital and live elements within the fashion show reflects a commitment to innovation and redefining industry standards. Inspired by the evolving landscape of fashion showcases globally, the decision to incorporate these elements was driven by a desire to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for our audience. This visionary approach not only captivated attendees but also set a precedent for future fashion events, heralding a new era of experiential excellence.

Revisiting the presence of all the supermodels on the ramp must have evoked nostalgic sentiments. I would be delighted if you could share your most memorable moments with Vaneeza, Mehreen, Fouzia, Hasnain, Waleed, and Aimal.

The reunion with esteemed supermodels evoked deeply nostalgic sentiments, underscoring the profound bonds forged over the years. Each individual holds a special place in my heart, with memories of collaborative endeavors and shared triumphs. Mehreen’s presence particularly moved me, evoking tears of gratitude and reflection. Mehreen was and will always remain the face of HSY.

As for Vaneeza, Fouzia, Hasnain, Waleed, and Aimal, their contributions to the fashion industry have been invaluable, and our collective journey has been marked by moments of immense pride and camaraderie.

Why did you choose Ever New Studios for your 30 years celebration?

The choice of Ever New Studios for the 30 years celebration holds significant sentimental value. It was where my journey in the fashion industry began, accompanying my sister to a commercial shoot. The studio served as a nexus for industry connections and friendships, marking the inception of my career as a fashion designer. Thus, selecting it as the venue for this milestone celebration was a heartfelt tribute to the place where it all began.

Tell us a bit about ‘Trousseau’ and your design philosophy behind it.

Trousseau embodies our commitment to democratizing luxury fashion, offering opulent designs at accessible price points. Our design philosophy revolves around creating exquisite pieces that resonate with individuals worldwide, ensuring that the elegance and sophistication synonymous with HSY’s creations are accessible to a broader audience. Plans for international expansion underscore our ambition to bring the allure of couture to diverse global markets.

Which segment was your favorite from the show & why?

Each segment held profound significance, representing the culmination of meticulous craftsmanship and creative ingenuity. From the intricate designs to the seamless choreography, each segment epitomized the essence of HSY’s artistic vision. It would be remiss to single out a favorite, as each held its own importance and contributed to the overall success of the show.

There was just magic & love in the air on the show

Esteemed fashion designer and cultural icon, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, widely known as HSY, marked a significant milestone on Friday, April 26th, 2024, commemorating three decades of unparalleled contribution to the fashion industry. The grand celebration, held in Lahore, Pakistan, underscored HSY’s steadfast dedication to innovation and sartorial distinction.

The event, a first of its kind in Pakistan, witnessed the convergence of digital fashion and live show presentation, setting a new standard in the realm of couture. For three decades, HSY has been at the forefront of directing hundreds of shows and fashion weeks, and his latest endeavor highlighted his pioneering spirit by seamlessly integrating both live and digital experiences for a global audience, thus advancing the “Made in Pakistan” brand.

In recognition of his profound influence and eminence within the fashion fraternity, HSY extended invitations to an illustrious cadre of international fashion luminaries, each distinguished in their respective domains. Noteworthy attendees included Shoa Caan, Head of BURBERRY Middle East; Ayman Ahmed Fakoussa, Co-founder of The Qode, LVMH; Daniel Lee, a revered Creative Director who has done shows with mega icons like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey; Sufeena Khan, Vice President at IAM Entertainment representing the likes of AP Dillon and Mariah Carey; Kunwal Safdar, Celebrity Chef and founder of Moreish by K; Enrique Hormingo, Founder of MONTROI; UAE Celebrity Nina Zandnia; Haseeb Ahmed Shah and Khaled Sharan, Co-Founders of Creative Clinic; and Adhrita Nowrin, entrepreneur & investor with expertise spanning DeepTech, Fintech, Startups, Investments, Fashion, and Real Estate. Their esteemed presence underscored HSY’s pivotal role in elevating Pakistani fashion onto the global stage, solidifying its status as an epitome of creativity and refinement.

The event also featured prominent Pakistani luminaries, including Vaneeza Ahmed, Hasnain Lehri, Fouzia Aman, and Mehreen Saeed, who graced the runway alongside their international counterparts, culminating in an unforgettable spectacle of grace and sophistication.

Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, HSY has expressed his profound gratitude for the unwavering support and camaraderie that have accompanied his illustrious journey over the past three decades. “I am deeply honored and truly grateful for everyone here and for the opportunity to transcend boundaries, exceed expectations, and showcase the best of Pakistani fashion to a global audience,” remarked HSY.

As the curtains descended on HSY’s 30-year commemoration, attendees were left awestruck by the magnificence of the spectacle they had witnessed. Through his visionary leadership and unyielding commitment to excellence, HSY continues to inspire generations, leaving an indelible imprint on the global fashion landscape.

Event Partner: @jbnjaws

Gifting Partner: @_bigbash @cookieauntypk

Digital Show Director:

Special Thanks to Evernew Studios & @sajjadgul114

HSY Lounge Setup by: @mahinareki @khizerdurraniofficial

Airline Partner: @flyjinnah

Hospitality Partner: @the_nishat

Social Media Team: @happastudios

PR Team: @phsolutions

Styling by: @zahrasarfraz @glamgencyy @mamoontariq

Hair & Makeup Partner: @nabila_salon @ngents.lahore

Special Thanks to: @khojiiii

Jewellery Partners: @hanifjewellers @dhola.aa

AV Creative Director:

Food & Catering Partners: @sweet_affairs_official


Our bridal collection “Koh-e-Noor” is a masterpiece that redefines wedding wear, its delicate hues and intricate details, this ensemble is a testament to timeless beauty. Step into a world of pure enchantment with our bridal campaign. A moment, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Alishba & Nabeel bridals capture the ethereal essence of dreams, with flowing fabrics and exquisite details that transport you to a magical realm.

Photography: Azeem Sani
Makeup: Qasim Liaqat
Muse: Hira Mani

Muse @janiraider
Hair & Makeup
Dress by @aisha_imran_official
Photography by @opmshoots
Jewellery by @_kundan_jeweller
Stylist @styledbymurradrahimkhan

Muse @nimrakhan_official
Hair & Makeup
Dress by @aisha_imran_official
Photography by @azeemsaniofficial
Jewellery by @farhatalijewellers
Stylist @styledbymurradrahimkhan
PR & Coordination by @murradrahimkhan

Muse @janiraider
Hair & Makeup
Dress by @aisha_imran_official
Photography by @opmshoots
Jewellery by @_kundan_jeweller
Stylist @styledbymurradrahimkhan Muse @janiraider
Hair & Makeup
Dress by @aisha_imran_official
Photography by @opmshoots
Jewellery by @_kundan_jeweller
Stylist @styledbymurradrahimkhan

“Leila – Daughter of the night”
is a perfect wedding / formal dream;
elegant, refined with a panache!

The collection has some exquisite pieces that will make you stand out this festive season!

Muse: @ghania.sohail @shazrayrana
Makeup: @makeupstudiobymehwish
Videography: @faryalazmatphotography
PR and Coordination: @rubiamoghees
Location: @deja_maison
Jewellery: @theembellishofficial
Footwear: @paradoxlondonpk
Stylist: @diary_of_nayya

Designer and socialite Aiza Alvi takes us inside her closet

My personal style in three words

Cool, relaxed, freestyle: I like to keep things comfy, but also fun. I don’t shy away from extending a day outfit to night- all that’s needed is the perfect amount of edge in a mostly relaxed fit. Maybe a pop of color or anything with shoulder pads, army print, chains!

My top 5 wardrobe essentials

Oversized button down, collared shirt, White t shirt, Black tights, Loose fit jeans, Chunky sneakers

My top 5 shoe essentials

Sneakers, black heels, white heels, Chunky black boots, Anything sparkly!

My favourite vintage item


My most prized possession

Nomads don’t have prized possessions — they make it work with what they have in the moment!

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