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We asked our favorite people their plans for Valentine’s Day and here are their answers!

Sumrina Khan

At the spa, pampering myself!

Sophiya Khan

I will be spending the day with my original valentines, my Nano & Ammi, with a home cooked meal.

Mohsin Khawar

My wife and I don’t specifically plan such days. We often go out, buy each other gifts and have gup shup sessions over tea. So for us, every other day is special like this. Alhamdulillah.

Hassan Shehryar Yasin

This year I plan to spend my Valentine’s with my Mother. She hasn’t been keeping well for some time and in the time I’ve spent with her, I feel that a day dedicated to love should be spent with the person who gives you unconditional love.

Rubia Moghees

I used to be quite finicky when it came to celebrating Valentine’s Day a few years ago; however the excitement has gone down recently. I believe that each and every day that you are alive and well should be celebrated. There should not be any reason to dedicate one day for love

Rana Noman

I want to take a holiday and sleep!

Zainab Reza

I’m just going to be chilling at home with Mommy.

Amna Baber

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!

Aamir Mazhar

I will spend valentines day by celebrating one of my dearest friends birthday over lunch! I also plan to give flowers and gifts to my parents to celebrate their love and blessings in my life.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

I am spending my Valentine’s with my significant other and both my kids! I cherish every second I spend with my family.



Meher Hasan

I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my Valentine! My dog, Dodo.

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