I would advise against the photocopying of catalogue designs Mausummery emerged as a pioneer in the lawn industry with its launch in 1997 and was spearheaded by two female entrepreneurs in a largely textile mill dominated industry. In 2011, one of the partners, Huma branched out into her own label, MauSummery by Huma. Sana Zehra sits down with Huma to learn about the latest lawn trends

Describe the MauSummary brand philosophy in a few words. What do you think makes you different?

MauSummery is about timeless elegance, combining feminine designs with superior quality fabrics

What are some lawn trends that you would advise against?

I would advise against the photocopying of catalogue designs. People need to be more creative and form their personal taste.

How would you style a classic kurta with jeans on a regular day?

There is no need to over accessorize. It’s always best to try and keep the design more interesting so that it can speak for itself, rather than piling on too many things

How can someone style your clothes for a formal gathering?

One amazing aspect of our products is that they can be worn in both in a casual and formal manner. One can style our tunics with different accessories and pair them with embroidered and worked trousers to transform the outfit into a formal one.

What are a woman’s must haves in the closet for the summer?

This summer, I would advise everyone to keep a mix of various designs in order to change the norm.

Who are some local designers that you admire?

I absolutely love Bunto Kazmi’s eternally traditional and classic looks.

Which celebrity would you choose to give a makeover?

Every celebrity has their own stylist so I don’t think I need I need to give anyone a makeover! Lol!

What is your dream outfit?

I believe the term dream outfit is over-rated. I don’t think I have any specific items that I believe to be constant. Styles and trends are forever changing, which is why my favorite or dream outfit will vary according to that.

What is one style advice you would like to give for the upcoming season?

I cannot stress this enough, but roaming around like carbon copies of each other is not classy. We need to become more comfortable with rocking our own designs and styles.

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