Pakistan’s sweetheart


Anoushey Ashraf is Pakistan’s perennial sweetheart! Her bubbly and upbeat attitude truly sets her apart from other celebrities. She recently got engaged in a whirl of romance to Salar Farooki and Sana Zehra got to ask her all the nitty gritty of this real life romance!

As you are about to get married thought it would be fun to ask, why do you think men will not commit?

Well it depends from man to man. If he’s not the sort to commit, he will always have trouble committing. However, if you come across a genuine soul who is willing to settle down, he will commit! So the willingness to commit needs to be there. If you need someone like that, then find someone like that!

When did you know that Salar was the one?

I don’t think there was one particular moment when I thought that “Oh my God! Salar is the one!” but it’s happened consistently over the past few months when I felt like he understood me, he knew me and has been with me through my best and my worst and most importantly, is still willing to be there. That’s when I decided this will work!

Which of you apologize first in the argument?

Umm, none of us actually says I’m sorry first but one of us just starts talking first.

Who will be cooking after marriage?

Whoever is in the mood to cook is most welcome to but we are planning to hire someone for cooking as we both have an extremely busy schedule so if you know of anyone good – please let us know!

Who asked who out first and how did it all happened?

Well, I remember Salar asking me out to some show and then I asked him out to a friend’s house and then the cycle went on! But yeah the first time we got together he asked me out! Woohoo!

How difficult  is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?

I forgive easily even if someone does not apologize. Not because he or she needs my forgiveness but because I need to move on in my life and not keep it sour with anyone else.

When have you had to agree to disagree?  

Many times! Many times when you’re having an argument with your loved ones and it’s getting into dangerous waters, you’re just like OK let’s just end it here because you have the right to your own opinion and I have to mine so let’s agree to disagree!

Any bad habits you broke in 2017?

Well, there was no bad habit as such but a circle of some unhealthy friendships I felt I needed to distant myself from and I did, for which I am very proud!

In what situation do you find yourself walking on egg shells?

I think we are always walking on egg shells because life is made up of very fragile and sensitive situations in general. So one needs to be very cautious at every step of the way, be alert and tread carefully!

Do people really get any wiser as they get older?

I’d like to hope that people get wiser as they get older but they also get a little more sensitive with age. So a lot of things upset them and they react over unnecessary issues and that’s not very wise. But generally I feel you get better at life decisions you get better as you age.

Ever got any botox/fillers done?

No, none as yet but I’m not averse to the idea neither am I against it, just BTW!

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be?

Umm, well if I ever got a chance to trade lives with anyone, it would probably be someone like Abdul Sattar Edhi or Mother Teresa just to do a lot of selfless work through the course of the day and not think about oneself; Rather, think about other people for once and work for their interest because we are extremely selfish creatures otherwise!

If you could ask 3 questions from the Prime Minister of Pakistan what would you ask?

OMG I have a long list of questions for the PM of Pakistan so I don’t think 3 questions would be enough. But I would definitely want to ask him about the current security situation of all the Pakistanis and why it is so weak, the rising prices in terms of gas, electricity and just general expenses and to see to why there is so much garbage all around our country. I mean I know this isn’t directly linked to him but someone needs to address these issues!

Name one tv sitcom you would love to be a member of?

I’m not much of a sitcom person but yeah I wish I could lend my voice to one of the characters of Family Guy or some weird sitcom characters!

Quality of life or quantity?

Quality of life! I really try to declutter and I think I’m at a better space at least in my head!

What does GT mean to you?

GT was the first of its kind in Pakistan. I remember the good old days when it was the only one with good pictures and up to date information. It’s always an advantage to be the first in what you do so good luck GT! And may you continue to stay on top for all your years to come!

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