Restoration Living Collection


Spitfire Single Seat Sofa

A swept back sense of speed and exhilaration…. our Spitfire Single Seat Sofa takes its cue from military aviation history inspired by the twin-cockpit seats of the F-14 Tomcat deployed by the U.S. Navy for some of its most prolific missions in the 1970s. It’s shown here swathed in distressed leather with all the worn-down softness of a vintage bomber jacket.

Ecru Chess

Large, stylish and unique, the Ecru Chess set will be cherished by anyone that enjoys the game. An etching process has been employed to to skillfully create this eye-pleasing chessboard with ornate edges, squares and trim. A complimentary set of 32 similarly styled chess pieces complete the decorative, yet usable wooden chess set for the home.

Sand Time Machine

Collectible, beautiful and awesome, with an aim to stand tall on the expectations of our esteemed clients, is the Hour Glass Antique Touch Sand Timer.

Tow Headed Black Magnifier

This magnifying glass has a horn handle and is finished with a solid or sterling bronze terminal with a fluted design. Both the solid as well as the sterling rustic ferrule are hallmarked with Sheffield 1891.

Spitfire Revolving Chair

Upholstered in aged leather on the front and clad in sleek, polished aluminum on the back, we’re totally drooling over the Spitfire revolving Chair. Inspired by planes from World War II, patch worked panels of polished aluminum wraps our chair’s silhouette – recalling the sleek modernity of aviation’s Golden Age.

Plato De Marmo

These Dark Green platters feature hand dyed Plato De Marmo, making almost anything you put on them look beautiful. Use the tray as a cheese platter or a centerpiece on your table to help organize and groupe your collectibles.

Marble Tea Coasters

These dark Agate coasters range from deep green to amethyst with grayish marbling and crystal centers.

Gait Clock

Gait Clock is just simply an easy on the eyes vintage clock, which will look just perfect wherever you put it.

Baton Antique Globe Ball

This makes an ideal feature for any living room or study and is a firm favourite of our customers.

Tic Tac Toe Wooden Box

A tactile version of the classic family favorite game, this Tic Tac Toe set includes a wooden game board, storage box and nine game pieces (5 X’s and 4 O’s). All pieces have a smooth metal finish. Grooves on the board marking the lines of the nine boxes make it easy even for sightless players to identify.

Ferris Wheel Floor Lamp 

The Ferris Wheel Floor Lamp  is inspired by nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucault’s gyroscope, a device used for measuring orientation.

Log Coffee Table

The Log  Coffee Table, available in both a bark or debarked edge, is the perfect blend of modern and rustic for your living room, den, or bedroom. Each table is finished with a trio of black painted metal hairpin legs. The legs come pre-drilled and with the required hardware, ready for easy installation.

Sewer Lamp

Called cheekily the Sewer Lamp, this table lamp uses each metal piece and special light bulbs to enhance the aesthetic value of the object it’s lighting up.

Log Coffee Table

Beautiful, natural and 100% real, natural, seasoned wood the Log Coffee table brings the organic beauty of the outdoors into your living room, bedroom or office, adding a rustic touch that is sure to draw attention.

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