Rumour has it


By Sana Zehra

Sonya Hussyn and husband Wasif have split up! We wish them both best of luck for the future.

Rumour has it that Kangana Ranaut claims that no married man can ever be happy. Perhaps she is providing a community service by seeking to rectify that—make married men happy.

Rumour has it that Saba Qamar was a detained at the airport of a neighbouring country just because she has a Pakistani passport. How disappointing!

Rumour has it that Sabeeka Imam apparently forgets to eat. Anorexia is no joking matter.

Rumour has it super model Amna Ilyas might be tying the knot. She posted quite a few pictures on her social media with the caption “Shaadi Mubarak!” Shaadi or not we hope that she doesn’t give up modeling quite as yet.

Rumour has it that Karan Johar might be behind Fawad Khan’s career decisions. Khan had signed up for Battle for Bittora, an upcoming Bollywood flick, but backed out, not because the script was weak, but because Johar thought it won’t do justice to his career.

Rumour has it that Mahira Khan’s Bollywood flick Raees was the most pirated movie of 2017.

Rumour has it that Annie Khalid’s tweet stating: “Stop asking me if it’s true that my ex made me a murgha. Ffs its not a sex position and it shouldn’t turn you on” was a mere publicity stunt. What a letdown!

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