Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to look presentable ASAP? You might have to go to a meeting with your teacher or coach or go to last-minute dinner plans with your friends or family. The last thing you want to come across is disheveled! You want to reflect that you care and value this time. In this video, I’m going to teach you some quick fixes that are essential if you want to look your best despite being in a time crunch. These tips include grooming, picking the right outfit and presenting yourself as polished and put together. If you put these simple tips into practice, you’re guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

Article by Nuria Al-Ahmad

Personal Grooming:

Personal grooming is the first step to looking fresh and clean and it really improves your self-confidence too. Grooming yourself properly doesn’t have to take hours — all you really need to do is brush your teeth, put on some deodorant and make sure your hair isn’t too greasy. Ideally, you should freshly shampoo and condition your hair but if you’re in a really tight time crunch you can simply use dry shampoo and hair perfume to refresh your hair.

You should also wash your face and moisturize it thoroughly to get a glowy complexion. Massaging your face while you moisturize is a great habit because it immediately rejuvenates your skin and removes any signs of tiredness. Even if you only massage your face for a minute or two you’ll achieve a youthful and rosy look. No matter how much you need to rush you should never forget one crucial step — sunscreen. This will protect your skin from sun damage and your future self will thank you.

After you’ve done all these basic steps you can move on to styling your hair. This is arguably the most important step because no matter how glowy your skin is, if your hair looks messy and matted you can never achieve a polished look. The best quick fix for your hair is to brush it and put it up into a slicked-back bun or ponytail. This way it’ll snatch your face and give you a put-together look. If your hair is too short to put up you can just pin it behind your ears and this will give you a similar neat look.

When it comes to looking good, the devil is in the details so you should focus on everything including your nails. If your nails are looking jagged just go over them quickly with a nail file. Cleaning under the nails is a must! Invest in a nail brush and scrub away at the grim that wedges in there! This takes two minutes and your fingers and hands end up looking a lot cleaner. Chipped nail polish is a big no so we suggest removing your nail polish altogether since applying a fresh coat on a time crunch is never a good idea. You could end up staining your clothes andthat’s the last thing you want! Clean short nails are the details you want to pay attention too! While you are riding in the car, you can use a nail buffer for an added shine!

Choosing The Right Outfit:

When it comes to transforming from messy to marvelous in a short amount of time choosing the right outfit is crucial. Knowing “when to wear what” will save you countless hours of frantically searching through your closet for something to wear. There are some key rules that everyone should follow while getting dressed and the most important rule is to start with basics. Instead of looking for a statement top, you should opt for a classic white button-down or t-shirt depending on the occasion. Having a good collection of basics in your wardrobe will make getting ready quickly a whole lot easier. If you have a closet full of neutrals then all the clothes you own will go together and you won’t have to worry about matching different colors. A favorite accent color can jump in and create the head turning buzz you are going for! Colors like black and white and different shades of brown complement most skin tones and always look timeless. Bright colors can change the mood, draw attention and attract people to you! Invest in timeless pieces since they stay in style longer while also picking up on the latest trends to stand out!

While curating the perfect outfit you should be mindful of your body shape and height since certain styles of clothing don’t compliment certain body shapes. If you don’t want to spend time worrying about this then the best thing to do is stick to tailored clothing. This means you shouldn’t wear anything too baggy or too tight. Tailored clothing helps you accentuate your unique body shape and gives you an elegant look.

Always remember that a perfect outfit is totally useless if you don’t pay it the attention it deserves. This means you absolutely must iron or steam each article of clothing that you wear. Even simply hanging a wrinkled shirt when you are showering, it will be wrinkle-free from the steam by the time you are done! This simple task takes no more than a few minutes and it makes a huge difference. Paying attention to your outfit also means accessorizing it well and the key to this is remembering that less is more. A simple necklace or bracelet is all you really need to pull your entire look together. When it comes to shoes you should make sure yours are polished and well-maintained and most importantly that they’re appropriate for the occasion. You obviously don’t want to show up to a fancy dinner wearing sneakers or walk into a meeting in flip-flops. If you keep all these tips in mind then dressing in a hurry should be no problem as you’ll already know exactly what to wear.

Presenting Yourself To Others:

When presenting yourself to others it’ s important to look great but you should make sure you smell great as well. Apart from basic hygiene, you should always have a signature scent. When picking the right perfume it’ s important to find one that isn’t too overpowering. You definitely don’t want a scent that’ll make people sneeze or cough when you enter a room. Something subtle yet distinct is the way to go and depending on your personality you can choose any kind of scent whether it’ s floral or musky.

Another tip that’ll help you turn heads when you enter a room is staying mindful of your posture at all times. Walking with a straight back and relaxed shoulders is the key to looking graceful and confident. You should never slouch or hunch up your shoulders as that will ruin the effect of your outfit and diminish your confidence. You should also avoid crossing your arms as that makes you look less approachable to others as does keeping a straight face at all times. Smiling will make you look more approachable and people will perceive you as polite if you smile often.

This goes hand in hand with the next tip which is to always remember your manners regardless of who you’re talking to. Even if you’re just hanging out with your friends, never forget to say please and thank you. Always remember to maintain eye contact during conversations and never interrupt someone else while they’re speaking. When it’s your turn to speak you should do so with assurance and avoid stammering. These subtle changes will make you seem more confident and people will end up respecting you much more.

Glow Up From The Inside Out:

While all these tips are very helpful when quickly fixing your appearance to impress others you should always remember that the real glow-up comes from within. Looking polished and put together isn’t just about following a set of strict rules, it’s about feeling confident in your own skin and making sure your appearance matches this inner confidence. If you feel comfortable and confident in how you present yourself to others only then will you be able to be the best version of yourself. While changing our eating and thought patterns may not lead to immediate changes, they will be helpful in the future and your future self will thank you!! Eating healthy and getting the right vitamins and nutrients from food for our skin, hair and nails will help us look our best! Remember if nature didn’t make it, don’t take it!! Try to eat a “rainbow” of colors from fruits and vegetables and spices in nature. Our thoughts affect our mindset. Engaging in positive self-talk and minimizing our harsh inner critic will also help our confidence and ultimately our appearance!

These tips should help you transform from messy to marvelous, turn heads and attract what you want in no time! Always remember to adapt them to your own personal style and be consistent for the best results.

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