Fatima Sheikh shares her favourite types of trendy chokers

Fashion comes in all shapes, forms and sizes and this time it came in the shape of a choker. These neck pieces have been trending like wildfire. Initially worn by American supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc., the trend soon spread its wings around Asia. Now everyone and their aunt seem to be rocking a choker.

I remember I wore one last year on my birthday in March because my dress had a deep neckline and statement necklaces were hitting the shopping bags at that point. I was never a fan of chunky necklaces so I took a ribbon, cut it and tied it around my neck. As I stepped in the car my mother gave me a daunting look telling me that the strap around my neck looked hideous and out of place. I rolled my eyes and took it off. Last week not to my surprise she bought me two chokers.

This trend is even catching up with the not so fashion forward older set. The silver lining is that it is not too expensive nor pure cut throat fashion, (no pun intended).


The classic

This one is my favourite. An off-shoulder top with a wide preferably black velvet choker. This is as classy as it can get.

Multiple chokers

To add a little funk you can mix and match your chokers and make it look as trendy as you please.

Matching separates

This look defines elegance in one colour. Wear the same colour of choker as your dress. The result will speak for itself.

Love for lace

Don’t forget the elegant lace chokers bringing back the Victorian touch to our outfits.

The tinier the better

Just a string can do the trick, It’s less, but more in the language of fashion. This look is effortlessly eye-catching.You can even add a little charm in the middle to give a cute effect.

Beauty lies at the collar

Beautiful jewels tightly around your neck instead of hanging. These are hard to find in stores, but you can get creative. Take your favourite necklace and adjust it tightly around your neck in the place of a choker and you can find yourself as the trendiest person at the party.

The leather goods

This is an edgier, more funky look – a leather choker with studs. A leather jacket or fur would go perfect with this one. It’s a good winter look.

Shoelace out of place

This look is casual yet adds definition. If I weren’t in love with the trend I would say it is a shoelace tied around the neck, but it is more than that. It is a statement widely recognized around the world that looks cool.

90s is the new 2000

This choker is an actual replica of the 90s look. I remember clearly finding these in my aunt’s dressing room from time to time because I was a fashion obsessed baby. I have stumbled upon some old family pictures too where my khalas are posing and flaunting these chokers. Generations change but fashion stills remains.


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