Indulge opulent elegance with the Zain Hashmi Demi Couture collection. Pastel palettes reign supreme, effortlessly intertwining delicate shades with bold demeanor. Each garment is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted with intricate embroidery and lavishly embellished with shimmering crystals. It’s couture with an avant-garde twist, where the ethereal meets the extraordinary, bringing forth a captivating fusion of fashion. Step into the realm of sartorial excellence and embrace the future of style.

Dubai, a city known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and extravagant experiences, is a haven for wellness enthusiasts seeking the ultimate spa experience. Amidst the desert landscape and opulent surroundings, Dubai’s spa scene stands out as a blend of traditional Arabian rituals, cutting-edge therapies, modern techniques, and lavish settings that promise a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The city’s spas are nestled within plush hotels, lavish resorts, and standalone wellness centers, each striving to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Holistic Wellness
One of the standout features of Dubai’s spa scene is its emphasis on holistic wellness. Many spas, such as Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah, combine ancient healing practices with contemporary methodologies, catering to both physical and mental rejuvenation. Visitors can indulge in traditional hammams, where skilled therapists perform rituals involving exfoliation, cleansing, and massages using natural oils and fragrances. These experiences not only cleanse the body but help one to relax and detoxify.
The city also boasts spas that specialize in innovative therapies, such as cryotherapy, where individuals are exposed to extremely low temperatures to trigger various health benefits, including pain relief and improved skin conditions. Additionally, Dubai’s spas often offer state-of-the-art facilities like hydrotherapy pools, sensory showers, and relaxation lounges designed to enhance the overall wellness journey.

Talise Ottoman Spa — Jumeriah Zabeel Saray

Skincare Regimen
Many spas in Dubai offer bespoke treatments tailored to individual needs. One can step into the Guerlain Spa at One&Only – The Palm for a personalized massage to alleviate specific muscle tension or a custom skincare regimen targeting unique skin concerns. Guests can expect a tailored experience that caters to their preferences and wellness goals.

Guerlain Spa — One&Only, The Palm

Spas With Picturesque Outdoors
Dubai’s spa landscape is not only diverse in its treatments but also in its settings. From serene oases overlooking the Arabian Gulf to spas nestled within lush gardens or perched atop skyscrapers, each location offers its unique ambiance for a truly immersive experience. For instance, Amara Spa at Park Hyatt is one of the most picturesque resorts in the city. Some spas provide outdoor treatment areas, allowing guests to reconnect with nature while indulging in their wellness journey.

Amara Spa — Park Hayatt

Ambiance and Design
The integration of traditional practices with modern techniques extends beyond the treatments to the spa’s ambiance and design. Many spas incorporate elements of Arabian architecture and aesthetics, using intricate mosaics, soothing colors, and ambient lighting to create a serene atmosphere. Saray Spa at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel honors this tradition with its Silk Route’s caravanserais. Discover Arabesque embellishments at every corner, detailed impressions, and an enticing selection showcasing age-old therapies employing organic remedies. Its primary highlight is the Dead Sea flotation pool, brimming with therapeutic salts from Jordan. This fusion of cultural influences and contemporary luxury adds a distinct charm to the spa experience in Dubai.

Saray Spa — JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

Organic Ingredients
Dubai’s spas prioritize using high-quality natural ingredients in their treatments, further enhancing the holistic experience. Awaken Wellness at Atlantis, The Palm is the perfect place for radiance-boosting facials and nature-themed rituals to try. Guests can immerse themselves in organic products sourced from around the world, from luxurious essential oils to locally sourced herbs and minerals renowned for their healing properties.
Beyond the treatments and facilities, the impeccable service and hospitality offered by Dubai’s spa professionals contribute significantly to the overall experience. Skilled therapists with extensive training ensure that guests receive not only top-notch treatments but also personalized attention and care throughout their spa journey. Dubai stands out as a global hub for wellness seekers, offering an array of spa experiences that combine luxury, tradition, and innovation. From ancient rituals to cutting-edge therapies, the city’s spas provide a holistic haven where individuals can unwind, rejuvenate, and embark on a transformative wellness journey amidst the city’s opulence and charm. Whether visiting for a brief escape or an extended wellness retreat, Dubai’s wellness wonders promise an unforgettable spa experience that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.

Awaken Wellness — Atlantis, The Palm

Allure By MHT hosted their dazzling jewellery exhibit to a full house at Fashion Pakistan Lounge.



Dive into the lap of luxury with MAYFAIR – WINTER PLUSH, a lavish velvet collection that epitomizes timeless elegance and sophistication. Each ensemble is meticulously crafted to give a luxurious feel, showcasing the harmonious blend of high fashion and exclusivity. Each detail narrates a story of refined style, inviting you to embrace the season with unparalleled grace. Get ready to elevate your winter wardrobe with the velvety touch of MAYFAIR.

Tell us about your background and your journey to becoming a maternity and baby photographer and what inspired you to specialise in this family + maternity/newborn photography?

Even though I had always been passionate about photography it was only when I had my first born, Zaynah that I wanted to pursue it. The purpose at the time was to take the best pictures of her. Slowly as people began appreciating my work I began to think this could be something more than just a hobby. At the time I was also on a career break so I was looking for something that I could pursue professionally while not spending too much time away from her. As I began the journey I tried multiple genres but it was always family and children portraits that pulled my heart.

As a photographer, how do you hold space for mama and baby during these most sacred times of birth and the fourth trimester? What sort of presence do you offer your clients?

I provide a very calm and relaxing environment. My natural light studio is like walking into a familiar home where you will feel instant ease. There are no daunting lights or a team of people watching over. It’s just me and my assistant. I make sure everyone who walks through my door is met with warmth and a ton of patience.

What makes a successful maternity, newborn & baby photographer?

Experience is mainly what makes you successful and being a mother yourself is a bonus.  One really has to feel the beauty of these moments to be able to capture them wholly.

How do you prepare for a newborn photography session? And what equipments are needed for this shoot?

Being well rested is the number one priority for me. Newborn photography takes time and patience. Since my style is more lifestyle I don’t need to prep much as I don’t have any fancy props. I rely on parents mostly as that’s where I feel babies should be. A good camera and a lens is all you need.

How do you ensure baby safety during the shoot of a newborn?

I do baby lead posing so nothing is ever forced on the baby. Like each person, every baby is different so we just need to be mindful of that.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started your career as a maternity and baby photographer?

To invest in educating myself with a family photographer I admired as early as possible.

Can you describe your photography style?

My style is lifestyle, modern and timeless. As far as I am aware, I am the only one in Pakistan providing specialised family portraits with this aesthetic.

If we were to peek in your camera bag, what would we find?

My go to lense sigma 35mm, a Nikon zoom 35-70. My Nikon Z6ii. A flash (which I hardly use)  and maybe some tissues and a pair of socks (I like to shoot barefoot when indoors)

What are the biggest challenges of your profession?

Family photography in Pakistan is still a very new concept. People don’t take it seriously, mostly who do have visited me and realise the joy of it. But for most it feels like too much investment and so the market is limited. But after a decade I think I have been able to bring some awareness that these family moments are fleeting and most parents like me regret not taking enough pictures with their children.

What are some tips for parents looking to do a newborn, maternity and family shoot?

Firstly it’s to make sure you like the photographer’s style. Then it’s important to communicate what you expect from your session. The rest is to have fun. Photographers can try and do their best to make your pictures perfect but unless you are not having fun it won’t shine through.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

I love this question, I often think about it. Obviously it has to be creative. When I was in primary school in London I loved my woodwork class and I always thought what if I had stayed there maybe I would be creating furniture. Interior designing is also another, I spend countless hours looking at home interiors. I think I got it from my Mama. At one point I wanted to have my own cooking show haha. So yeah I think basically I love being creative.

Fashion Pakistan Lounge hosted their annual festive exhibit with a bang.



Cresset is not your typical agency; they are strategic partners of fashion brands, who are wholly data-driven and results-focused. Cresset is passionately committed to comprehending the essence of fashion brands, whether it’s a budding newcomer or an established presence in the business world.

With so many feathers in your cap, let’s start with a brief introduction about yourself and a bit about your educational background.

I am from Lahore and spent over 25 years in the US. I pursued my undergraduate studies at the University of Connecticut in Finance & Accounting and attended graduate level courses at Harvard University. I began my career in finance, specifically within Hedge Funds and Investment Banking. Now, to simplify, I am engaged in the business of fashion and run a Venture Capital (VC) firm that invests in startups.

What is Cresset Tech all about and what key services does the company offer?

Cresset is Pakistan’s leading “Fashion Commerce” player. We provide end-to-end solutions, from revenue-based eCommerce management to brand strategy, manufacturing, distribution, retail expansion, and even last-mile delivery for fashion brands. Our Venture Capital (VC) arm enables us to aid in the growth of brands both locally and internationally.

How many brands do you have on board and can you name a few prominent ones?

We actively cater to over fifty (50) fashion designers and brands, both within Pakistan and globally. Some prominent names in Pakistan include Farah Talib Aziz, Nomi Ansari, Ansab Jehangir, Mohsin Ranjha (MNR), Annus Abrar, Zain Hashmi, and many more. Internationally, we service names like Forever 21, Kylie & Kendall Jenner, just to name a couple.

What strategies do you use to create an emotional connection between customers and the brand?

A study by the Harvard Business School (HBS) concluded that in the 21st century, relationships are the backbone of business. For the last decade, our mantra at Cresset has also been the same. We focus on experiential marketing rather than a product push. Our motto is to be “empathetic,” providing unparalleled service, thus creating an emotional connection.

What sets your business apart from competitors?

Technically, we have no direct competition. With a human capital strength of 400 across five countries, Cresset is highly vertically integrated in all aspects of the fashion business. While other firms focus on just one aspect of what we do, none provide even half the spectrum of services as Cresset. While we wish the best to others, our only competition is within ourselves.

Why is brand management important to a business in your opinion?

A brand is a uniquely recognizable identity that distinguishes itself from others. A well-positioned brand’s persona and ethos are experienced without being spelled out. To strategically achieve this is the art of branding/brand management. Brand positioning/management is the soul of the brand, the single most important aspect.

What marketing metrics do you value most for brand management?

We believe in a balance of both quantitative and qualitative metrics. While numbers are paramount and easier to measure, it is equally important to track qualitative aspects such as emotions, feelings, and feedback.

Describe a typical work week and how do you spend your weekends?

The beauty of my entrepreneurial journey is that it has no “typical” week, and I love that about it. Depending on the week, it could involve traveling to three different countries, attending client meetings between Karachi and Lahore, or a retail store launch. There’s no such thing as a weekend for an entrepreneur.

Your favorite travel destination? Any memorable moment you’d like to share?

Zanzibar! From snorkeling to hiking and safari, it offers the best of all worlds. The whole vacation was memorable and a great experience.

We always see you very well dressed; is it a personal preference?

Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” I feel as comfortable in a suit as in a pair of denim. Coming from a finance background and now in the business of fashion, my career choices have shaped my sense of style.

What fragrance would Asad wear to turn heads at a meeting/conference and at the beach/party/or at the coffeehouse?

Chanel (Bleu) has been my go-to cologne since its launch a decade ago. Depending on the time of day and occasion, I also wear Creed (Aventus) and Clive Christian (No.1 Masculine).

How do you envision the future of your business?

Cresset has been on an upward trajectory since its inception. Despite the ever-changing market, we’ve experienced exponential growth. As long as we, as an organization, continue to evolve in both business fundamentals and technology, I foresee continued growth.

Are there any upcoming projects or expansions?

Absolutely! The only constant in life is change. We’re constantly expanding within Pakistan and internationally, through both eCommerce and retail networks. I can’t disclose exact details, but here’s a hint: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor.”

What advice would you like to give to our readers?

I’ve learned that we are all a product of our unique life experiences and circumstances, so I refrain from giving direct advice. Sincerity to others, passion for your career, and humility in success always yield positive results. Patience and resilience are key ingredients in building character.

Relive the glamour from the Sunsilk Beauty and Wedding Showcase with these unforgettable highlights!



The hottest trends for this fall and winter seasons is the cropped jackets be it in any style or texture as bringing an unexpected twist to a classic clothing piece will turn heads this winter season!

Many designers are sticking to the early ’90s era as their inspiration for this year, many clothing pieces are coming back for another moment in the spotlight. One of these pieces is the cropped jacket.

Style them with flared jeans, pants, straight pants & mini skirts!

Our bridal collection “Koh-e-Noor” is a masterpiece that redefines wedding wear, its delicate hues and intricate details, this ensemble is a testament to timeless beauty. Step into a world of pure enchantment with our bridal campaign. A moment, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Alishba & Nabeel bridals capture the ethereal essence of dreams, with flowing fabrics and exquisite details that transport you to a magical realm.

Photography: Azeem Sani
Makeup: Qasim Liaqat
Muse: Hira Mani

Luxurious and sophisticated feel, making it a perfect choice for a collection focused on timeless elegance and glamour.

Photography @guddushani
Video @oneo1branding
Muse @sadiakhanofficial
Makeup @aana.akhan
Stylist @kaainatkhan__
Coordination @aamirmazhr

#salmakhan #couture #gowns #eveningdress

Call us for appointments
+971 4 385 4741 +971 5 0456 9553 (Dubai)

Imad did his MBA in International Business from University of Greenwich, UK and is an Executive Diploma holder in Digital Strategies for Business from Columbia Business School, USA. Imad is an experienced
E-commerce and Digital professional with a strong track record of driving sustainable growth for 15 years in the UK and Pakistan. Skilled in building robust digital commerce foundations, rapidly scaling business and operations, leading team transformations, and achieving aggressive yet profitable growth.

Imad, tell us a bit about your educational background and how you end up becoming an experienced Ecommerce and Digital professional?

Having grown up in the digital age, I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of technology and business. This led me to pursue a BA Hons Marketing Management, MBA International Business, and an Executive Diploma in Digital Strategies for Business. After graduating, I began my career as a Digital Media Strategist at Groupon, where I gained valuable experience from one of fastest growing ecommerce companies back in 2010.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with leading global companies like Tesco and Unilever, where I’ve led and executed successful digital commerce and marketing strategies. My educational background, professional experience, ability to adapt to emerging technologies, and passion for staying ahead of industry trends have been key factors in my career progression.

Ecommerce and the digital industry are the two most in demand careers nowadays, are there any specific skills required to excel in these fields?

Absolutely. The ecommerce and digital industry is constantly evolving, so it’s important to have a strong foundation in the fundamentals, such as:

Digital marketing: This includes understanding the different digital channels, tools and platforms, as well as the best practices for reaching and engaging target audiences.

Data analytics: The ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data is essential for making informed decisions about digital marketing campaigns and ecommerce strategies.

Technical skills: A basic understanding of coding and web development is helpful, but not required.

Project management: The ability to manage complex projects under tight deadlines is essential for success in the fast-paced ecommerce and digital industry.

In addition to these core skills, it’s also important to learn more about customer acquisition, conversion optimization through the right value propositions and content creation. The ecommerce and digital industry is fast-paced and constantly changing, so it’s important to be able to think outside the box and be creative, innovative, and adaptable.

What is the meaning of digital transformation, and how is it different from digital marketing?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to improve business processes and create new value propositions for customers. It’s about more than just adopting new digital tools and technologies. It’s about rethinking the way you do business and using technology to enable new and innovative ways of working – by reshaping processes, culture, and customer experiences.

Digital marketing is a subset of digital transformation that focuses on using digital channels and platforms to reach, engage and convert customers. It includes a wide range of activities, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

What are some of the most important elements of an effective ecommerce website?

An effective ecommerce website should be:

User-friendly: The website should be easy to navigate and use, with a clear and concise checkout process. Fast loading times and intuitive design are crucial too.

Mobile-friendly: More and more people are shopping online using their smartphones, so it’s important to have a website that is mobile first.

Secure: Customers need to feel confident that their personal and financial information is safe when shopping online. Make sure your website uses HTTPS encryption and has a valid SSL certificate. This is essential for customer trust.

Visually appealing: Your website should be visually appealing and reflect your brand identity. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your products and services.

Well-written: The content on your website should be compelling and informative. Make sure to include clear and concise product descriptions, as well as helpful blog posts and articles.

Lastly, effective SEO, personalized recommendations, and conversion optimization techniques can significantly boost conversions. Regularly analyzing data to make improvements is an ongoing process for success.

What is your experience with using marketing automation tools?

I have extensive experience with using marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Mailchimp and Eloqua. I’ve used these tools to create and execute automated marketing campaigns across a variety of channels, including email, social media, and paid advertising.

Marketing automation tools can be incredibly effective for saving time and improving the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. I utilized them to improve customer engagement and drive sales – the results included a significant increase in traffic, conversion rates and our overall ROI. They can also help you to build the right customer segments, personalize your messaging and target campaigns more effectively.

We want to start using video content on our website to provide customers with more information about our products. What type of video content would you suggest we start with?

Here are a few types of video content that you could start with:

Product demo videos: These videos showcase your products in action and highlight their key features and benefits.

Customer testimonial videos: These videos feature your customers talking about their positive experiences with your products or services.

Educational videos: These videos provide helpful information and tips on how to use your products or services.

Behind-the-scenes videos: These videos give your customers a glimpse into your company culture and how your products or services are made.

Remember to keep videos concise and visually appealing. High-quality production values are essential to make a positive impression. You can also use video content to promote your brand and tell your story. For example, you could create a brand video that highlights your company’s mission and values. Or, you could create a series of videos that tell the stories of your employees and customers.

What are the key fundamentals when creating content for various digital platforms?

Creating digital content involves understanding the audience and platform. I’ve created content for websites, social media, email campaigns, and more. Usually following these key steps:

Audience Analysis: Identify the target audience’s interests, pain points, and preferences.

Content Strategy: Develop a content plan aligned with business goals, including topics, formats, and distribution channels.

Creation: Produce high-quality content, whether it’s blog articles, videos, infographics, or social media posts.

Optimization: Ensure content is optimized for SEO, readability, and engagement.

Distribution: Share content across relevant platforms and channels, including social media, email newsletters, and content syndication.

Measurement: Analyze content performance using analytics tools to refine future content strategies.

I helped several brands to create content that connects, engages and sells to the relevant target audience.

How do you see technology evolving over the next decade?

Over the next decade, technology will continue to transform industries. We can expect:

AI and Automation: Widespread adoption of AI for innovative and personalized products and services, task automation, and data analysis for decision making.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Enhanced AR and VR experiences for marketing and customer engagement.

Blockchain: Increased use of blockchain for secure transactions and supply chain transparency.

5G: Wider implementation of 5G, enabling faster internet speeds and new opportunities for mobile experiences.

Data Privacy: Stricter regulations and heightened focus on data privacy and security.

Wearable Devices: Smartwatches and fitness trackers collect data about our health, fitness, and activity levels. This can be used to improve our health and well-being, as well as to create new and innovative products and services.

Sustainability: Technology-driven solutions for sustainability and environmental impact.

Adapting to these changes will be crucial for businesses to remain competitive.

What are the key steps to start a digital transformation project?

Define your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your digital transformation project? What are your specific business challenges and opportunities?

Assess your current state. What are your current digital capabilities? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Develop a digital transformation strategy. This should include a roadmap for how you will achieve your goals and objectives. You should also identify the key technologies and resources that you will need.

Build a team. You will need a team of people with the skills and experience to execute your digital transformation strategy. This team may include people from different departments within your organization, as well as external consultants.

Communicate with stakeholders. It is important to communicate with your stakeholders throughout the digital transformation process. This will help to ensure that everyone is on board with the plan and that you are able to get the buy-in and support that you need.

Execute your strategy. Once you have developed your strategy and built your team, it is time to start executing your plan. This may involve implementing new technologies, changing business processes, and training employees.

Monitor and measure your progress. It is important to monitor and measure your progress throughout the digital transformation process. This will help you to identify any areas where you need to make adjustments.

Here are some additional tips for starting a digital transformation project:

Start small and scale up. Don’t try to do too much too soon. It is better to start with a few small projects and learn from your mistakes.

Focus on the customer. Digital transformation should be about improving the customer experience. Make sure that your projects are aligned with your customer needs and goals.

Be flexible and adaptable. The digital landscape is constantly changing, so it is important to be flexible and adaptable in your approach.

Be patient. Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. It takes time and effort to achieve meaningful change.

Can you mention any examples of ecommerce companies that inspire you? And why?

Certainly! Several ecommerce companies serve as inspiring examples due to their innovative approaches and remarkable success. Here are a few:

Amazon: Amazon is a pioneer in the ecommerce industry. They are constantly innovating and expanding their offerings to meet the needs of their customers. For example, they were one of the first companies to offer free two-day shipping, and they have also developed a wide range of private label products. Amazon is also a leader in cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Alibaba: Alibaba is the largest ecommerce company in China. They have built a massive ecosystem of businesses that includes online marketplaces, cloud computing services, and payment processing. Alibaba is also a leader in big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Shopify: Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to sell online. Shopify provides merchants with everything they need to start and grow their online businesses, including a website, payment processing, and shipping tools. Shopify also has a large and active community of merchants and developers who share tips and advice.

Zappos: Zappos sets the standard for exceptional customer service. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, including free returns and a unique company culture, sets them apart.

Shein: Shein is a fast-growing ecommerce company that is known for its wide selection of affordable clothing and accessories. Shein uses technology to quickly identify and respond to trends, and to streamline its supply chain. For example, Shein uses artificial intelligence to analyze social media and sales data to identify trends. Shein also uses robots to automate tasks in its warehouses.

I am inspired by these companies because they are using technology to innovate and improve the customer experience. They are also using technology to make ecommerce more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Any advice you would like to give to our readers in the digital and ecommerce space?

Certainly. Here are some key insights based on my latest project with Tehniyat Salman, a digital native fashion startup:

Focus on your niche. By focusing on a specific niche, you will be able to attract a targeted audience and build a loyal customer base.

Leverage Direct-to-Consumer and Marketplace: Consider launching your business with a website and/or seller page. This approach allows you to have more control over your brand, customer experience, and data, which can lead to rapid growth.

Invest in digital marketing. Digital and influencer marketing can be a very effective way to reach, engage and convert target customers. Understand your audience, craft compelling ad creatives, build brand awareness and continually optimize your campaigns for better results.

Provide excellent customer service. Providing excellent customer service is essential for building long-term relationships with customers.

Use data to drive your decisions. Implement robust analytics to track your ecommerce performance. Continuously analyze data to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Stay Agile and Adapt: The digital landscape evolves rapidly. Be prepared to adapt to new technologies and trends.

Be patient and persistent. It takes time and effort to build a successful digital business. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep working hard and learning from your mistakes.

Starting a digital-first business requires dedication, creativity, and a strategic approach. Hope the above lessons from Tehniyat Salman’s journey will help you take the right steps forward.

Step into a world where tradition meets modernity, where sage advice intertwines with breathtaking design. Say Shaadi Mubarak and discover “aath baatein”, where age-old wisdom meets contemporary style for the modern man. From opulent sherwanis that exude regal elegance to kurta pajama ensembles that breathe comfort and charisma, As grooms embrace these words of insight, they adorn themselves in more than just clothing; they drape themselves in the richness of experience, merging culture, and celebration seamlessly.

Designer’s Note

Me mohsin and my brother Abu Bakar designed this collection keeping our rich wedding traditions in mind. We constantly see in the media at large talking about the ideal wife and advice geared towards them. We instead thought of reversing it all. Embracing our “8 Baatein” grooms nikkah wear collection isn’t just about style, it’s about honouring traditions that hold wisdom for life’s journey. In a world moving at lightning speed, this campaign carries the essence of advice that resonates today-respect, understanding, and patience. And each piece of clothing too is a testament to the harmony of tradition and modernity, reminding us that embracing timeless values can illuminate our paths in any era. Here’s to stepping into the future with hearts rooted in traditional wisdom.

Designer/Brand: @hauteformstudio
Photography: @stopstyleofficial
Muse: @sadafkanwal
Stylist: @yasserdarrr @yash645
Makeup: @syedhussain_mua
Jewellery: @kundan.co

Pleasetell us about your journey into acting and what inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

Unexpected! I was discovered in a casual meeting with Sultana Siddiqui. I was looking at the possibility of being a host or anchor and her keen eye saw an actor in me. A week later I got a call from HUMTV that I had been cast in a drama.

Now, I had been in the entertainment industry since I was a teen, with Radio and TV anchoring creating an appreciated recognition. I had never thought of acting as I had only grown my public speaking and effective communication skills through both media. So I tumbled into acting and realized that this is what I was born to do!

What types of acting roles do you find most challenging and enjoyable, and why?

The most challenging roles are where there are ‘not so committed to the project’ team members. You have to become a stanchion to stabilize the outcome. It saps a lot of energy out of you and that is challenging. And no, I can’t just turn a blind eye to unprofessionalism just to run the kitchen, that is not who I am.

It is so fulfilling to get the chance to act along side the magnificent true actors. The passionate maestros, young or seasoned, when they are my co-actors, you can literally feel the goosebumps in the interaction! This is lovingly called chemistry these days.

Can you share a memorable experience from a recent acting project that had a significant impact on you as an actress?

In my 9 years as a TV actor, the experiences that have made me smile, with a pat on my back have been

a).  Acting opposite Nauman Ejaz in Dumpukht (I consider him my mentor, a guru and co-acting as his peer I would either raise my bar much higher to match his brilliance, or fail hopelessly)

b.) Acting opposite Yumna Zaidi as her mother (a sexually exploited woman), misunderstood and hated by her daughter, desperately trying to protect the young woman from being tormented the same way. The range of emotions I got to present and react to were phenomenal!

c.) Currently on air, Fairy Tale season 2 presented a satire of my character taking inspiration from over-the-top saas bahu soaps. Ensuring, that the fine line between inspiration and roasting was not crossed, respecting the culture being represented, and then trying to keep a straight face while emoting overly dramatic facial expressions and vocal modulation was so so hard but delightfully memorable! (Hamza, Sehar, Amna and I were in stiches, breathless and had tears of laughter cascading down our faces after each take!) Hats off to Ali Hassan for making it look so effortless in the drama.

How do you prepare for a new acting role?

I say goodbye to Saman Ansari and become that character. And if it is unlike something familiar to me, I research it, observe it and then implement it. This is also why I never do more that one project at a time, I don’t have an on off button, so once I delve into the character I am playing for a drama, I am only able to wean it off at camera close.

Acting often involves working with diverse teams. How do you collaborate and build chemistry with your co-stars and crew members?

A professional team knows that the success of a project depends on everyone doing their job passionately. And yes, in the real world there are often times where you need to adjust to some one or the other not doing the team justice. If it is an actor not focusing on their dialogues or respecting the etiquettes of being on set, the Director makes a call on that. If its some one from the production team, you can bring that to the notice of the head of production. My mannerism on set has always been immense respect for every team member from spot boy to a super star and complete dedication to my work. If that means I don’t partake in green room gossip or hanging out between scenes to conserve my performance energy, I am very comfortable with that.

Can you describe a particularly challenging scene or role you’ve had to portray and how you overcame the challenges it presented?

Sitara Mir in Khaani was a highly challenging role. I started from a coy, bureaucratic, arrogant, ruthless trophy wife of a Politician who was much older and the doting, liberal, mother of a thoroughly spoilt young man who looked more like a sibling than son to a grieving humbled widow and repenting, humiliated mother. It wasn’t just the 180 degree shift in look and emoted personality, it was ensuring that every moment of it became believable for the viewers, and that was the real challenge.

In the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, how do you stay relevant and adapt to changing trends and technologies?

I read, I watch and I learn – every day. I implement selectively, so yes, I am active on social media as it has this unspoken bond with our drama industry casting and ratings, but I do not follow trends unless I can relate to them. Yesterday my drama was being viewed by Gen X and Z, today I have a new audience especially with Fairy Tale 2, its Gen Alpha! So yes, when I am out and about, it’s the preteens and younger who recognize me before their mothers or grandmothers do.

What do you believe are the most important qualities or skills that an actress should possess to excel in this profession?

To be able to adapt to the character by letting go of their own personality. Yes, you have beautiful bouncy layered hair, but if you are playing a young woman from a lower middle class economic income group, you will not do cleaning the veranda with a perfectly blow dried head of hair! Observe and implement. And, please focus on the clarity of your speech. Accents are not dialects. Please take speech classes, please learn how to modulate so you can whisper with clarity and throw your voice without screaming.

Diversity and representation are important in the entertainment world. How do you see your role in promoting diversity and inclusion in your work?

I am always open to any project, or character that is as far from Saman Ansari as possible. I am equally thrilled to work with new talent or veterans. In Badshah Begum I was a cold blooded 70-year-old lady of the throne in a rural land, in Sammi, I was a raw villager in her early 30s who had 5 living daughters out of 8 pregnancies all in the hope of a son to be born. That to me, is diversity, it includes lives, of people we may have never heard of, met or known, and yet we represent them thus for me, this is inclusion of diversity.

Finally, what are your future career aspirations and are there any upcoming projects?

I would love to do more theatre, that for me is the apex of fulfillment in acting as it is a live exchange of energy between the performer and the audience.

I am reviewing a couple of drama story lines right now and will choose one to pursue once my commitment with the current Fairy tale 2 is over.

Wouldn’t mind trying my acting talent in a film. It’s called the directors medium, I think that would be a larger than life opportunity to enhance my potential in acting, to perform and most importantly to learn from what dreams are made of!

behind Haute Form Studio making waves in the fashion industry with their with innovative & unique cut lines, details and embellishments

Zeb & Zeeshan, tell us a bit about your journey so far in the fashion industry and what inspired you both to open a fashion house?

The fashion industry is a dynamic and ever evolving sector that involves design, production, marketing and distribution of clothing and whatever the product is. Fashion designers are the heart of the industry. They create clothing and accessories and setting trends and styles. So far it has been a remarkable experience. People love and appreciate what we create. We focus a lot on design, quality and client’s services. Our staff, labour workers and everyone around also support us immensely.

Fashion entrepreneurship has always been what we have dreamt of since studying fashion and we believe its a dream of every fashion student.

We always had an attitude of being a Boss instead of reporting to a Boss. And most importantly we dont believe in creating fashion under someone else’s name and just keep on working hard for nothing.

What’s your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Haha, to be honest seeing clients wearing what we create with so much love. It boosts our energy and motivates working harder in future and definitely always creating something which is different from the market and that stands out.

And secondly we love the aspect of looking at all basic common things around with a keen designer’s eye which always helps us in drawing inspirations for collections.

What inspires your personal style?

Fashion starts from home and our parents always inspires us for our personal styles.

Define fashion

We believe fashion is a creative and artistic expression of clothing and accessories. It actually represents your own lifestyle. Fashion is not restricted to events only. It should be followed while going into bed as well.


The designs you created are no doubt good enough, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

To be honest we actually keep our eyes shut and keep our mind and heart open. Haha, design is an important process. We think by heart and draw what we like. We strongly believe in authenticity of aesthetics.

How would you describe Haute Form Studio by Zeb & Zeeshan’s design philosophy?

It’s definitely bold, creative and undiluted design. It is something you wont see and experience anywhere else.

Tell us about your upcoming collection

We’re in the process of developing and introducing exquisite bridal couture collection very soon.

The collection epitomise elegance and sophistication. Each attire is meticulously crafted with the finest fabrics and intricate embellishment details to ensure a bride feels not only beautiful but also confident on her special day. Our collection features a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary designs, tailored to perfection to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of modern bride.

For the upcoming fall/winter wedding season, what colours and trends do you see will be a top pick?

If we talk about fabrics, definitely velvets as always but using it in a more intelligent way. Brighter colors along with ghararas and shararas, lehngas with cholis and definitely Sarees. Longs and shorts, flared and sleek all in trend and will be in trend.

Any advice you would like to give to all the aspiring fashion designers?

We believe that in fashion there are two doors. One is fashion entrepreneurship and the other is just creating fashion.

Being design entrepreneurs, we believe in consistency, quality, following the timelines and definitely working hard for your research and development.

Hareem Farooq X @hooriasaeedmakeupstudio
Outfit @suffusebysanayasir
Jewellery @hanifjewellers
Photographer @opmshoots
Styling/coordination @stylebyhassan @hassanabdullahofficial
Decor @zealandzesteventss

Sangeet/Engagement look for
Areesha Kamran X @hooriasaeedmakeupstudio
Photographer @opmshoots
Outfit @farahandfatima
Jewellery @hanifjewellers
Decor @zealandzesteventss
Styling @stylebyhassan

Asma you have been a part of this beauty industry for so long, what inspired you to become a makeup artist & from where did you receive your training?

I began learning the art of makeup when I opened my salon in 2009. At that time I took a number of courses locally to help improve my technique. I’ve always been a creative person and enjoyed working with my hands. Makeup was just another avenue to express that creativity. The more I practiced, the more I loved doing it. Over the years I’ve continued to undertake certifications and short courses abroad to hone my skills and keep up to date with trends and techniques.

Explain how you’d advise a young girl going for a look that’s both trendy and parent-approved.

This is a difficult question but I do think what is trendy would be parent approved. The trend has shifted to a slightly more minimalistic look with lighter makeup in line with the trend. To me as a parent, that is elegant and beautiful in its own way. The perception that either of these things are mutually exclusive is incorrect and you can have both on your big day!

What do you think is the biggest challenge for makeup artists?

Satisfying your customers. As an artist we guide our clients on what will look good based on their face shape, hair style, clothes and jewelry. The hardest thing is getting your client to trust in you and go with what you’re saying rather than their strongly held preconceived beliefs or those of others around them.

Tell me about three makeup trends you’re a fan of.

l the no makeup makeup look
l the inverted cat eye liner
l blush contouring

What are the three best services offered at Asma T Salon?

Despite offering makeup services, I think we are biased in favor of our hair department.

Our favourite services currently are:
– Kerastase Fusio Scrub ritual
– Hair Matters Oiling ritual
– Our classic Blowdry!

Three must have makeup products in your bag?

l Charlotte Tillbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray
l Mac Cosmetics Squirt Plumping Gloss Stick
l Anastasia Beverly Hill Stick Blush

Any advice for the brides of fall/winter season?

Do a consultation before your big day! Meeting up with your makeup artist and hair stylist for trials and consultations can help take the pressure off of everybody and ensure that you get the look of your dreams!

Asma T Salon is known for its glamorous hair transformations and in this issue we asked her pick a hair dye trend for us and our readers!

Low-maintenance and subtle tonal changes are trendy hair color options for 2023. These tonal changes include bronze, cinnamon spice, and ash-brown hues. Enhance your natural hair color with nuanced baby highlights that are finely blended.

2023 is going to be all about subtle but statement-making color that doesn’t require constant upkeep. That means low-maintenance color in extra eye-catching shades.

Founder of community organization, AliPur, where women from rural areas are trained in embroidery, pottery and sewing.

Amina, you are an inspiration for all the women, tell us a bit about yourself and your educational background.

It’s been three years I have been residing in my village, Alipur Kanju in lodhran working towards the welfare of rural women in Pakistan for their economic empowerment in a way to secure their livelihoods and rights.

After graduating from Convent of Jesus and Mary I went to Lahore Grammar for my A’levels. And Later I went abroad to St Gallen University for my Bachelors in International Relations and History. During my time abroad I have been a part of various volunteer programs with United Nations, which I am very grateful for. I love to read and write.I have a written a book, Little Khan and The lucky bugs. Ferozsons published it this year. A children’s series about characters based in Pakistan. When I had my children I always had to hunt for good books based on Pakistan’s culture and values. I am very happy and proud to have written it. I love spending time with my family and travel. I would spend all my money on travelling. Its the best way of learning about so much. Besides that I love Alipur,it’s my favorite home. I always thought I am a city girl and could never live in the country but it has my heart.


What is the whole idea behind Ali Pur and what inspired you to create a safe space for these amazingly talented women.

Innever really got to spend a lot of time in Alipur before it was actually during the pandemic in 2020 I moved here.

I found severe poverty in my village people were distress specially women who most of the times had no money to put food on their tables and their husbands would be away in search of work. The Poor education system, devastating health and living conditions, no well sanitation facilities,these all made me realize of my privileges and I somehow I felt responsible to bring the change. Over the past years I have worked to improve the livelihoods of people. I have held medical camps, has initiated health programs, creating awareness among women of various vitamins deficiency common among the women and thus providing them with free aid. Installed water motors and water filters as women had to travel distances on foot to obtain clean water.


Creating a safe platform for underprivileged women from the rural areas is not easy, tell us how has the journey been so far and what are the challenges that you have faced in the process?

To break the stereotypes and change mindset, it is not easy. It has been very challenging.However I had the support of the best people; my family. My husband Amin Khan Kanju.Who has always encouraged me to do good.What I have achieved today for the people of Alipur is all because of him. He has been my rock. My Mama (mother) and my Amma (Mother in law). I am blessed. My brother. My sisters Rasanat, Fatima and Maryam. And Of course my loveliest BAE Alizeh Kanju. She has been such a big Support and the best work partner! They gave me the strength and courage to give every obstacle. Most of the Villagers didn’t want to send their daughters to school. Girls attendance in school drops to a low during harvest season. They contribute to care work at home, looking after the young and the ill, and stepping in for the mother if she is pregnant, nursing or sick. When there is much unpaid labour to be done, education is a luxury for a young daughter. This is not to say that social norms or parental reluctance are the reasons for low enrolment and high dropouts of girls. Equally, and more responsible is the State. The quality of education is poor, even for rural households, and may appear to rural parents as being not related to their lives. To convince them to believe that basic education is a necessity was a big challenge. Women comprise approximately half of the total population of Pakistan and most of them live in the rural areas. They are mainly engaged in farming and other agricultural activities. They do most of their labour as unpaid family workers. Its very important to educate them and support them for equal rights if we want to prosper as a successful nation. Along comes skill training. I saw this as a way out for women to success. Made in Alipur is a community organization, under which comes skill training centers where women are taught various skills such as embroidery sewing, stitching, pottery. Introducing them with modern technology, which I always believed is very important and had to be done soon.

Tell us about your collaborations with the brands and which campaign is close to your heart and why?

This is not a fair question!
Each and every campaign holds a very special place in my heart. Lama was the first Collaboration. I am so grateful to Amal Khan CEO Lama for entrusting the women of Made in Alipur. It was such a proud moment for me to see the women put their learning in practice and to be able to provide them with a platform to promote their work well. These women do some great work which needs recognition and appreciation. Above all giving the opportunity for them to earn well. Really It’s a pleasure to see them work with so much commitment and love. These collaborations with the renowned brands has got them the confidence and happiness they truly deserve.

What is a typical day at Ali Pur like?

It’s Work,lots of work but is Epic!
It’s fun and happy with lots of chat. As I said earlier, Alipur has my heart. I can’t be away from it for long. The country side, is exceptionally beautiful. Its far from the madding crowd. I love watching over the women encouraging more to learn. Helping them with their problems. Guiding them. Enlightening their minds with positivity and knowledge. At Made in Alipur we teach our women basic education and general ethics for their well being along with skill training. Introduce them with innovative ideas. Target their strength. To help me I have a team who I have prepared over the years.

Where do you see your organisation in the coming five years and what changes you would like to bring
InshAllah we’ll sore higher!

I want to encourage more women to be a part of this community organization. Its very important to empower rural women. They need to be supported in every way specially with the economic recession things have become quite difficult for the rural villagers. The economy grows and employment rate rises when women own businesses. Get more attention of the state in improving their policies for rural women. Giving them the rights and needs they deserve. I want the women to collaborate with international brands in the coming years and have their work appreciated world wide. I am very patriotic and I would work very hard for this aim to be achieved.
Pakistani Artisans their work to be known and desired around the globe.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

I’ve been running a salon by the name Rukash Salon in lahore since the past 10 years now and what makes me keep going is my passion for what I do. Prior to coming into the beauty industry I was studying journalism in Dubai & being in such a multi cultured place where fashion and beauty was very diversified I had the opotunetey to explore many trends from around the world but my interest in becoming a makeup artist did not start from there, it was way before that. I remember ever since I became a teenager I discovered the power of makeup. Being someone who hardly recieved compliments I remember the first Time I went to a wedding wearing makeup the amount of compliments I received really made me more inclined and keen about learning the artistry even more. Makeup when done right has the power to change people’s perception of how they look at you and that alone gives you a lot of confidence. That is what makeup means to me; confidence.

Where did you receive your training as a makeup artist?

So like I mentioned I went for my higher studies in dubai and though my major was journalism in university I got to do a few internships while my time there and I always opted for fashion and beauty industries so that is where my professional journey towards makeup began. From there on I went to New York, Las Angeles and London. The style that I developed was a fusion of East keeping in mind the pakistani style and that of the west but I would say my signature style is all about neatness even when I have to go heavy with makeup it’s never to heavy like you’ve been painted. While in dubai I was very fascinated by the Lebanese style which was always a little extra but nonetheless supremely neat. I’ve been trained all over the world but to be honest you can get all the training in the world but you won’t stand out unless you have your own unique style. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from so many versatile artist and what I bring to my clients is not just style but a fusion East and West.

What’s your favorite makeup products and what’s a must have for every girl?

Since the past decade a lot of bands have emerged and it gets confusing to choose the right because there’s so much marketing in every brand that comes about but when it comes to skin I make no compromises. For me traditionally the makeup brands that been around for longer still work for me and I don’t like to experiment too much when it comes to my clients skin nor mine. A must have is a foundation for every girl with spf not only does it protect your skin from sun exposure but also blocks from dirt getting into pores having said that foundation is the closest product your skin gets to so it has to be one that isn’t damaging instead refines it and for my clients and myself I love the finish and coverage of Estee lauder double wear. Another must have for every girl is a tint but when they aren’t the right consistency they tend to stain only on the dry patches and that could look off instead of making you look good. My recommendation for tints is actually a Korean brand called Holka, the texture of their tints is velvety which looks and feels luxurious on the skin.

Tell me about three makeup trends you’re a fan of?

1. Smokey eyes
2. Glossy lips
3. A very Subtle contour.

With the upcoming winter wedding season, what colours and makeup looks you think will trend?

Everything glossy will keep shining all through this year and rightly so, highlighted faces are here to stay as well. The only way to pull of a highlighter though is to have good skin hence people should be focusing to keeping a healthy skin by following a healthy diet and skincare once that box is ticked you can’t look more Glamorous than having a glowy face and glossy lips. Going into winters there wont be specific trending colors but we’d be seeing more nude. For hair a tight neat bun, centre partings and half tight ponies will be all the rave.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for makeup artists?

I think there too many off them, anyone who has some makeup and an interest in makeup can make a instgram page and call them a makeup artist. And I’m not saying it’s wrong but they aren’t professionals so I guess it’s challenging for both customers and makeup artists both to differentiate between professionals and amateurs.

Tell us about the three best services your salon offers

I wouldn’t want to brag about our top services but we do whatever we offer with passion. Be it a manicure, makeup or a simple threading we take our time to give a client who has trusted us with the desired look they want. Being a salon owner and a makeup artist it’s my motto to provide my customers hygiene, quality and a standard that I would approve for myself as well.

How did your background as a surgeon influence your approach to running a business like Ron Jewelry and diamond direct?

After doing my graduation in medicine and surgery I went to US and opened six high end luxury diamond stores. After being successful in the US I came back here in Pakistan and opened Diamond Direct a beautiful store on a beautiful location in Lahore, where we are offering Diamond Rolex. Having said that besides that we also have a lot of varieties of beautiful engagement rings and I have also introduced my own line of engagement rings called the Dazzlers by Dr Imran.

Could you share some insights into the unique qualities and features that set Diamond Direct apart from other diamond retailers in the market?

We have diamonds ranging from PKR 20 Thousand to PKR 20 Million, diamond and gold always has a value having said that the value actually keeps increasing. Therefore whoever wants to invest their money this is indeed the best investment to make.

All my merchandise is imported from USA, all the diamonds that we have are from the US, all our brands are affiliated and certified and not even a one single ring is from any other country. The bottom line is, all the merchandise that I carry are from USA.

As a prominent supporter of charitable institutions and a cancer survivor yourself, how does your jewellery business contribute to philanthropic causes and support cancer patients through its operations or initiatives?

Being a member of the American Cancer Association I always believe in charity and also in giving energy to those who are fighting with cancer. We don’t need to call them a warrior what they actually need is hope, a real hope to live and go through to face the challenge as it comes to them. I being a cancer survivor myself understand how it goes, you need faith and hope and that’s what we need to create for those who are going through this difficult time.

How do you ensure that your customers receive excellent customer service and a personalized experience when purchasing engagement rings or making special orders?

Another specialty that we have are customized diamond engagement rings, every bride needs to look different because that’s the most beautiful moment of their life. So what happens is that we are specialist in that our slogan is, you dream it we create! We are the first one in Pakistan who can customize a diamond engagement ring according to your ideas.

What are your future plans in terms of expanding the business?
Talking about the next 5 years, I have planned to open a new location in Islamabad and then another one in Karachi. We are also working on expanding towards cities like Faisalabad and Sialkot, whereas we also have our offices in Dubai and HongKong.

Mushq opened their grand flagship store on M M Alam road with a star studded event.


Khoobsurat hona aik ehsas hai, malmal sey ley kar resham tak. You could be draped in malmal or the finest of silks that Pakistan has to offer but it is every woman’s right to look and feel unapologetically glamorous and to transcend boundaries like our leading star for the campaign, the absolutely beautiful and talented, Sanam Saeed, who is fearless and represents the modern Pakistani woman! As we embark towards our 30th anniversary in fashion next year, we bring to you “Khoobsurat”, a bridal couture collection which is classic, yet intricately ingrained in the art of couture.


Reflecting the grace of the traditional khandaani bride, @sanammody wears a royal bridal ensemble, meticulously crafted in the hues of French beige blended with sepia. Embellished with intricate rose gold handwork, with a hint of silver, the ensemble consists of a farshi gharara, made in organza, paired with a beautifully tailored straight organza shirt and a dupatta with wide borders, featuring elaborate patterns and shimmering details that exude regality.



An exquisite bridal gown, featuring a regal silhouette fully embroidered with intricate hand embellishments of golds and silvers, creating a mesmerizing play of light that casts a magical aura all around. Flowing gracefully from the waistline, the voluminous silhouette is crafted in organza with delicate lacing details on the sleeves. Paired with a net veil which adds an enchanting touch, the ensemble is sure to be a favorite this wedding season.


Mark your royalty with our timeless saree;
a graceful charm of antique golden tones, hand-crafted with a textured skirt made in silk, layered with two different drapes, one in organza with wide borders and the other in net with heavily embellished handwork. Worn over a sequinned and beaded statement corset, this ensemble is perfect for those who want to make a statement.


Shine bright like a diamond; shine like the whole universe is yours! Flaunting a fusion of classic and contemporary style, diva @sanammody wears a pearl white ensemble sparkling with sequins, threadwork and crystals. Handcrafted in delicate organza, the shirt and dupatta are paired with silk pants with twinkling cutdana details, adding an ethereal touch to the entire look.


Wrapped in delicate drapes, @sanammody looks exquisite representing the woman who is fierce and unstoppable, who is strong and resilient, who knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it. Made in a subtle hue of creamy beige, this ensemble consists of a gown worn over a bustier and a skirt, all made
in a breathable hand-woven fabric.

Brand: @theworldofhsy
Muse: @sanammody
Photography & Videography: @nusairrahman.photography
Hair & Makeup: @theshoaibkhan.official
Jewellery: @hanifjewellers
Creative Director: @hassanhsy
Styled by Team HSY

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Ambassador Of Pakistan in the United States, H.E. Mr Masood Khan, invited a LADIESFUND delegation of dynamic women leaders across fields to the Embassy Of Pakistan in Washington D.C. for a roundtable discussion and dialogue.


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