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Manahyl looks like a dream in this outfit. We’re a sucker for solids and this outfit hits home. She wears her hair in a slicked back ponytail and accessories the look with the coolest white sandals ever. We’re obsessed!

Aleezey Jibran turns heads in this stunning Mirana Clothing Kaftan. This free size kaftan is perfect to beat the heat. She wears her hair in a sleek bun and keeps her makeup simple. Aleezey accessories the look with silver earrings and a Lady Dior bag.

Manal Saleem is a sight for sore eyes in this gorgeous outfit by Fahad Hussayn. We love her statement earrings and tikka. She wears a dark eye makeup look and pairs it with a pink lipstick. 10/10!

Amna Hassan Tahir always knows how to make a style statement and she does just that in this look. We’re loving her bright green dress. She wears her hair straight and keeps her makeup simple. Her bright pink bag and shoes compliment each other.

Hajra Lalljee looks absolutely fab in this funky outfit. We love the combo of the printed pink dress with an oversized white shirt. She adds a pearly belt and hoops to tie the look together. We love her gold accessories too!

Our fave fashionista Kiran Malik stuns in this casual chic outfit. She pairs a white crop top with brown pants and an oversized black blazer. She stays on trend with her brown shades and cross body handbag. We love it!

Amna Baber looks like an absolute babe in this hot pink outfit by Sadaf Kanwal Fashion. There’s something about solid co-ord sets that is so refreshing! Amna chooses to wear her hair in a bun and accessorizes the look with big gold jhumkas. Perfect for the summer.

Faiza Lakhani of Secret Closet looks like a vision in this outfit by Zarehs. We love the sparkly outfit with accents of emerald green. Faiza accessorizes the outfit with emerald jewelry and a gold clutch and heels. We’re obsessed!


Mehrunissa stuns in this black and white monochrome look. We love the intricate details on the outfit. Mehrunissa pairs the outfit with a sparkly clutch and silver heels. She wears her hair in a half tied ponytail and we’re loving everything about this look!

Momina is one of our favourite fashionistas. We absolutely love her style and this look is no different. She wears a flowly ice blue, floor length dress and pairs it with a blazer to add some extra oomph to the look. We love understated hair and makeup. She accessorizes the look with a blue Lady Dior bag.

Our favourite Hong Kong based influencer Batool makes a statement in this super sexy black dress. We love the peek-a-boo bodice! Everything about her look, from the slicked back hair to the bronzey makeup, is right on point.

Malaecah Malik turns heads in this all white outfit. The off-the-shoulder mini dress looks like a dream. She matches the sparkles on her dress with sparkly heels and a silver bag. She keeps her hair and makeup simple.

We love ourselves a nice slip dress and Minahil is a sight for sore eyes in this one. We love the combination of white boots which adds a little bit of edge to the outfit. Her loose waves and earrings complete the look.

We love Ryan’s smart casual look. She wears a lilac oversized botton-down with cropped pants and heels. She pairs the outfit with chunky gold accessories and wears her hair down. 10/10!

Influencer Salama Hassan looks stunning in this outfit by Zain Hashmi. She pairs the gorgeous outfit with simple makeup and a coral lip. Salama wears her hair straight in a middle part and accessorizes with silver jewelry.

Shanzay Sheikh turns heads in this Agraani outfit. We love the combination of white and blue — perfect for summer. We love Shanzay’s traditional take on the outfit. Her big jhumkas and silver bangles complete the look.

Sasha turns heads in these saree pants. We’re obessed with this fusion outfit. The silver mukesh, the beautiful border and those classic flared pants are all to die for. Sasha pairs the look with a silver clutch and simple jewelry. Perfect!

Digitally printed sarees are all the rage right now and Ushna Shah looks striking in this white and blue one. Her low blouse and chunky heels go perfectly with the outfit. We especially love her straight her and simple makeup.

In conversation with influencer Maham AKA Desi Baguette about her life as an expat, her favourite things to do in Lahore and more

You called yourself Simran but with chins, how did you come up with that?
Well Simran, is the equivialent for a brown Disney princess. The one who gets her Raj against all odds. But what happens once

Bau Jee lets her go and tells her to “jee lay apni zindagi”?
All I want to show on my platform is realness and eradicate all forms of these perfect lives and perfect bodies we see splattered all around us. I have never fit into the social norms that defines beauty but I still wear my flaws like a shining shield because they are what make me, me; and that is what makes me the happiest — my identity and the ability to be enough.

Tell us about how you started your blog. Was it a planned decision?
Desi Baguette was born out of intense nostalgia, loneliness, the awe fully inspiring city of Paris — which gave me marital bliss sometimes but consistent woes of an expat life. It wasn’t planned at all. I come from a big fat loud Punjabi family. Our after dinner mehfils are endless. When I went from that to eating alone and not even being able to communicate my order because of the language barrier, I felt like I needed to record that so one day I can tell my kids proudly, I survived this phase of my life!

How did you come up with the name Desi baguette and what’s the significance?
I was a true Lahori girl whose parathas were replaced by baguettes but I would still dip them in the aloo gosht shorba — that is what Desi Baguette means to me. There is no specific story behind it, just that this page was born out of intense nostalgia, sometimes marital bliss and the never ending woes of an expat life. Of course all of this was topped off by me swinging my saree palloo to Bollywood music no matter what the situation in my life. First around the Eiffel tower, where i was living right after my wedding and now someone near Harrods where I’m on a constant lookout for Karan Johar.

What are the pros and cons about being an influencer?
The pros of having a public account and a handful of people who follow you keeps me going so much. It has given me the utmost confidence, an ego boost, validation and definitely a source of motivation to find happiness in the dullest situations. The biggest example being the lockdown. I feel super lucky to have people along with me who accept me and love me for who I am. I’ll pull a Shahrukh here and I will say: it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world!
The only con for having a public image is the trolling that comes with it. However, I have learnt to embrace the fact that all types of comments will come in and they won’t always be what you want to hear. The love that I get overshadows the trolls.

If you could change one thing about social media, what would it be?
The cancel culture! When did we become so rigid and incapable of letting things go? I cannot deal with the apathy, heartlessness and giving the other person no room for error.

You talk about life as an expat a lot on your blog. What, in your opinion, is the hardest part about being away from home?
It’s literally an everyday effort. Some days takes its toll on you – being away from your loved ones. The hardest part of being away is always living in the fear that ‘what if something happens.’ The biggest what if was looming over our heads in the year 2020 when travel was restricted. It gave me straight up anxiety.

Tell us about your favourite places to visit at home in Lahore.
Haye. I picture Lahore as I write this: I step out of the airport and the familiar scene of people standing with phollon walay haar crosses my eyes. My eyes scan for my father’s familiar face. We drive down Burki Road and I see all the streets I know so well. The streets that raised me. Lahore always feels like home. Whether it’s the paratha rolls in H block or the grocery runs in Y block, friends’ hangouts at Rina’s (specially for their cold coffee) or secret dates at Hotspot, I will always fantasize about Lahore and every single place that has memories etched in the back of my head. I cannot pinpoint one single place but of course
When I step out of the Allama Iqbal International Airport and the familiar scene crosses my eyes of people standing with phoolon kay haar and my eyes scan for that one familiar face of my father. Driving down the Burki road, the familiar streets which raised me. From paratha rolls in H block to grocery runs in Y block. Friends hangout in Rina’s for their cold coffee and secret dates in hotspot. I fantasize Lahore and every place which has memories etched in the back of my head. I cannot pinpoint one place but ofcourse that every home that welcomes me with open arms, is my favourite place to be.

Do you have any regrets about your journey?
None at all! I truly believe everything happens for a reason, God is the best of planners and time is the best teacher. I wouldn’t change one bit.

You joke about your husband being sick of your blog but what does your husband think of the blog in real life? Is he supportive? Does he enjoy making content with you?
Haha! He’s a really private person but he married into a family who believes in extreme oversharing. He never in his wildest dreams imagined isolating that one person would result into oversharing with 60000 people now. Thus, the annoyed expressions whenever I try to include him in the blog. However, I know he secretly loves the attention and the fact that I flaunt him proudly to the world. He is extremely supportive in shooting my content. He’s the one who encouraged me by taking pictures with literally every coloured wall while travelling. He is quite a wiz behind the camera. He knows the blog means a lot to me emotionally and he has always encouraged me to make this a full-time paid thing. I have never been able to do that due to my own hesitations. However, the minute I ask him to come in front of the camera he gets uncomfortable. So I never ask him to do something that I know I would be overstepping his boundaries. So him being featured is mostly nonconsensual. It’s just how it works.

What advice do you have for girls that are trying to become bloggers or influencers?
Please be genuine and real. There is so much need for original content and genuineness to break the cycle of ridiculous societal pressures of unrealistic body standards that are just so toxic. Follow your heart, don’t get sucked into the numbers game and you will connect with your crowd right on!

Running a small business is no easy feat.
A small business owner is responsible for overseeing every aspect of their business. This ranges from the creative side to the very different, business side of the small company

Listed here are 6 unique, small businesses that have been knocking it out of the park!

1. Simana Shop

This clothing brand specialises in lounge wear. Most of their pieces are locally handmade from natural fibre. With a built to last ideology, this brand is part of the slow fashion revolution. This means that their brand identity resonates with a minimal environmental impact. The production (including packaging; handmade paper tags) and usage of their products promotes sustainability. This brand’s minimalist approach and solid colours caught my eye. My personal favourite has to be the ribbed sweater pants. Their products are perfect for the current fall and upcoming winter season. Comfortable yet chic, wear it on a winter morning while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

2. Chanoor

This brand uses textile material to make handmade, lightweight jewellery. From intricate embroidered pieces to thread bangles, all items can be categorised as unique and one-of-a-kind. For all the brides-to-be, the gota bangles might just be the perfect fit for you. Look beautiful without having to compromise on safety! Moreover, these pieces can be worn with both — eastern & western outfits.

3. Wild Yeast

For all the carb-o-holics out there, you need to get your hands on these handmade artisan breads! My personal favourites are definitely the sourdough, focaccia bread and the dark chocolate babka. This small business keeps updating their menu with mouth-watering items. Recent add-ons include apple pie jam, chilli oil, pesto rosso and basil pesto. Isn’t bread just the best?

4. The Kandle Co.

This small business specialises in handcrafted and aesthetic looking candles and reed diffusers with a variety of scents to choose from. All materials used to make the products are ethically sourced, recyclable and plastic free. I, myself, am a repeat buyer of the “double espresso shot” candle. The owner’s perspective was to focus on the power of scent. And that’s exactly what this candle did for me — it’s a part of my everyday feel good self-care routine!

5. Khussa Gar

When you think of something different, turn it into an income generating business and are super good at it! This is how I’d like to describe this quirky, small business that specialises in hand-painted traditional khussas. With the customisation option available, these khussas can jazz up and add an ethnic twist to any outfit. If any of my friends are reading this, (hint hint), I want this for Christmas!

6. Pk Fashion Fairy

This small business makes Balochi inspired handmade items including kurtis, shalwars, ralli, and neck pieces etc. However, what really caught my eye are the boho style, vintage bags etc. Colourful, super fun, vibrant and quirky!

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