Running a small business is no easy feat.
A small business owner is responsible for overseeing every aspect of their business. This ranges from the creative side to the very different, business side of the small company

Listed here are 6 unique, small businesses that have been knocking it out of the park!

1. Simana Shop

This clothing brand specialises in lounge wear. Most of their pieces are locally handmade from natural fibre. With a built to last ideology, this brand is part of the slow fashion revolution. This means that their brand identity resonates with a minimal environmental impact. The production (including packaging; handmade paper tags) and usage of their products promotes sustainability. This brand’s minimalist approach and solid colours caught my eye. My personal favourite has to be the ribbed sweater pants. Their products are perfect for the current fall and upcoming winter season. Comfortable yet chic, wear it on a winter morning while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

2. Chanoor

This brand uses textile material to make handmade, lightweight jewellery. From intricate embroidered pieces to thread bangles, all items can be categorised as unique and one-of-a-kind. For all the brides-to-be, the gota bangles might just be the perfect fit for you. Look beautiful without having to compromise on safety! Moreover, these pieces can be worn with both — eastern & western outfits.

3. Wild Yeast

For all the carb-o-holics out there, you need to get your hands on these handmade artisan breads! My personal favourites are definitely the sourdough, focaccia bread and the dark chocolate babka. This small business keeps updating their menu with mouth-watering items. Recent add-ons include apple pie jam, chilli oil, pesto rosso and basil pesto. Isn’t bread just the best?

4. The Kandle Co.

This small business specialises in handcrafted and aesthetic looking candles and reed diffusers with a variety of scents to choose from. All materials used to make the products are ethically sourced, recyclable and plastic free. I, myself, am a repeat buyer of the “double espresso shot” candle. The owner’s perspective was to focus on the power of scent. And that’s exactly what this candle did for me — it’s a part of my everyday feel good self-care routine!

5. Khussa Gar

When you think of something different, turn it into an income generating business and are super good at it! This is how I’d like to describe this quirky, small business that specialises in hand-painted traditional khussas. With the customisation option available, these khussas can jazz up and add an ethnic twist to any outfit. If any of my friends are reading this, (hint hint), I want this for Christmas!

6. Pk Fashion Fairy

This small business makes Balochi inspired handmade items including kurtis, shalwars, ralli, and neck pieces etc. However, what really caught my eye are the boho style, vintage bags etc. Colourful, super fun, vibrant and quirky!

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