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Shoaib has stunned us with his makeup transformations and has become one of the favourite makeup artist in town for both brides and fashion editorials.

Shoaib you are known for your unrealistic yet jaw dropping makeup transformations. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

I am a very simple, friendly and fun guy. I get along with people easily and that’s probably because I was brought up in a joint family where all your elders teach you to be polite and considerate.  My inspiration of becoming a makeup artist was a wedding I attended in my childhood. When the bride arrived I almost did not recognize her though she was a very close family member. That day I knew I wanted to know what sorcery that was and I knew I wanted to become a powerful wizard.

Some of your transformation looks of late Madam Noor Jahan got a lot of attention on your social media, do you think this and may other transformation looks were a turning point in your career?

Thank you for your appreciation. I do these looks for myself to be honest. I challenge myself and then I try to live upto it and by the grace of the Almighty, I have been successful so far. I can’t say if these looks were the turning point in my career but I received a lot of recognition and love because of them.

Shoaib we saw you dancing your heart out at Ahl-e-Dil; tell us about how you ended up learning classical dance and do you plan to excel your career in this field of art as well?

I have always been into visual and performing arts. I believe that dance is a medium that connects you with your soul. I needed a platform for my connection and Ahl-e-Dil and the Colony gave me exactly that. I would like to pay my gratitude to Fatima Amjad for believing in me and encouraging me all the way. It sure is something very close to my heart but it’s not a career option for me.

Congratulations on opening up your own makeup studio. Tell us about the challenges you had to go through to reach this point and how do you feel after achieving this milestone?

Well, every startup has its challenges and excitement, mine has too but I am very thankful to Allah for all His blessings including this one. I feel grateful but at the same time I believe that “Abhi Ishq Ke Imtihan Aur Bhi Hain”.

Spring wedding season is just around the corner, what do you think will be the ‘spring makeup’ trend?

Spring is all about blossoming and embracing yourself for who you are, and so will be the makeup trend in the spring. Minimalistic makeup and pink tones.

What color palette would be trending for spring bridals and which colours should be avoided?

Pinks, hands down. pastel, subtle, shimmery; all pinks.  Avoid darker shades of lilac, maroon and browns in the spring.

Your three favourite makeup products

Three things that can be sufficient for basic makeup are probably my favorite things too. An eyebrow kit, a lash curler, and a tint for lips and cheeks.

What unique techniques do you use to enhance a client’s natural features?

The only technique that I religiously follow is minimalism. My mantra is “Less is more” and that’s what I do.

Describe a makeup look you created that received significant media attention.

The natural dewy no make look I suppose. That look got me a lot of attention on social media and 9 out of 10 clients ask me for that look.

Share an experience when you had to create a look based on specific character requirements for a film or TV show.

I have not done any TV show or film yet, however when I created my very first look of Maleficent, I worked on some specialized makeup techniques. People loved the look and then I did several more as you mention Madam Noor Jahan, Ma’am Rani, Depika Padokon, Haleema Sultan and Sohail Warraich. Yes I did a Sohail Waraich look as well.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends in the beauty industry?

I keep an eye on international makeup trends. I follow globally renowned makeup artists and I seriously rely on continuing professional development.

Any advice for all the bride-to-Be’s

Dear Brideto-be, please dont stress yourself unnecessarily, take care of your diet and go for a minimal, more natural makeup look.

Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring with our latest collection
‘La Fleur’; where Eastern allure meets contemporary grace.
Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that mirror the blossoming beauty of the season. Each ensemble is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and rich traditions that define our brand.

Model: Mahnoor Sheikh, Areeba Tariq
Photographer: Yellow Jacket
Make up artist: Hassan Ali
Shoes: Lamour

Ayesha you have been in the limelight with your outfits capturing a lot of attention recently, tell us a bit about yourself?

Alhamdulilah and Thankyou! I’m extremely grateful for the response my work has received in just a short while. My approach to ASM is similar to my personal life. I believe in honesty, hardwork and prayers! I make a continuous effort to be original and unpretentious.

With a wonderful team who supported my philosophy,  I have reached where I am today.

How did you end up becoming a fashion designer? What kind of training or education do fashion designers need?

Since a young age I was inspired by my mother’s aesthetics. Her attention to detail was so refined that as a child I remember her getting my khussas made from the same fabric as my dress for Eid!

I would say I explored fashion through experimenting and studying different fashion trends, combined with my personal choice to find a path for myself. Although professional training is very beneficial, finding your own unique style should be every young designer’s goal.

What’s the difference between a couturier and a ready-to-wear designer?

Unlike couture clothing which is customised and made for a specific client, ready-to-wear are clothes you can buy straight off the rack. Couture is handcrafted and designer to fit the needs and requirements of a client to her personal taste, ready to wear is designed for the likes of the majority according to the latest trends. At ASM both couture and ready to wear lines include fine fabrics and  fashionable cuts.

Who are some famous fashion designers you admire?

Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Mcqueen and Coco Channel are my favourites. Coco Channel being no 1 for being a great influencer of her time. For 60 years, Chanel epitomised her signature style simply by wearing her creations. I second her philosophy that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury,”. Chanel’s designs stressed simplicity and comfort and revolutionised the fashion industry.

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is to create unique, aspirational work that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication. Exquisite details, intricate draping, and a nonchalant sense of style characterize the dresses at ASM. I believe in top notch quality, attention to detail and catering to each individuals personal style and requirement.

Tell us about your experience working with some of the prominent celebrities of Pakistan.

Recently we shot a campaign with Mahira Khan, who exceeds her reputation of being extremely humble and professional. It was an utter pleasure to work together and the results were absolutely stunning!

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a fashion designer?

Personally, I have a flare for understanding someone’s mind even if they are unable to fully express themselves.  This makes my job as a couturier easier for me. My workforce and I are so gelled together, that united we work to produce a garment that is an absolute portrayal of a client’s dream dress.

What are your favourite fashion trends?

My personal favourite this season is sheer fabric with geometrical hand embellishments, showing a fusion of delicacy and modernism. Cut-outs and asymmetrical hemlines on skirts are also a hit trend i’m loving.

What is your recent collection all about?

My recent collection featuring Mahira Khan and Sadaf Kanwal has been inspired by subtle colors, delicate handcrafted attires focusing on elongating the  silhouettes, delicate rain like embellishments that sparkle and make you feel elegant and confident.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration can come from a variety of sources including nature, art, music, everyday objects, and even my city of Lahore. It’s important to keep an open mind and to look for inspiration in unexpected places. Sometimes a relationship or even an emotion can inspire one to design a whole collection. I believe designing is a way expression, just like painting or singing.

Any advice for the upcoming brides and bridesmaids

As important as it is to look beautiful , it’s even more important to feel beautiful.Love yourself, be confident and have a blast!  Everything will fall in place In sha Allah!

The winter festive season is here and we have picked some luxurious velvet outfits with intricate details that will help you make a statement and stand out this wedding season!

Sana Safinaz
Rozina munib
Farah Talib Aziz
Ansab Jahangir
Faiza Saqlain
Annus Abrar
Nickie Nina
Mina Hassan

Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

I’ve been running a salon by the name Rukash Salon in lahore since the past 10 years now and what makes me keep going is my passion for what I do. Prior to coming into the beauty industry I was studying journalism in Dubai & being in such a multi cultured place where fashion and beauty was very diversified I had the opotunetey to explore many trends from around the world but my interest in becoming a makeup artist did not start from there, it was way before that. I remember ever since I became a teenager I discovered the power of makeup. Being someone who hardly recieved compliments I remember the first Time I went to a wedding wearing makeup the amount of compliments I received really made me more inclined and keen about learning the artistry even more. Makeup when done right has the power to change people’s perception of how they look at you and that alone gives you a lot of confidence. That is what makeup means to me; confidence.

Where did you receive your training as a makeup artist?

So like I mentioned I went for my higher studies in dubai and though my major was journalism in university I got to do a few internships while my time there and I always opted for fashion and beauty industries so that is where my professional journey towards makeup began. From there on I went to New York, Las Angeles and London. The style that I developed was a fusion of East keeping in mind the pakistani style and that of the west but I would say my signature style is all about neatness even when I have to go heavy with makeup it’s never to heavy like you’ve been painted. While in dubai I was very fascinated by the Lebanese style which was always a little extra but nonetheless supremely neat. I’ve been trained all over the world but to be honest you can get all the training in the world but you won’t stand out unless you have your own unique style. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from so many versatile artist and what I bring to my clients is not just style but a fusion East and West.

What’s your favorite makeup products and what’s a must have for every girl?

Since the past decade a lot of bands have emerged and it gets confusing to choose the right because there’s so much marketing in every brand that comes about but when it comes to skin I make no compromises. For me traditionally the makeup brands that been around for longer still work for me and I don’t like to experiment too much when it comes to my clients skin nor mine. A must have is a foundation for every girl with spf not only does it protect your skin from sun exposure but also blocks from dirt getting into pores having said that foundation is the closest product your skin gets to so it has to be one that isn’t damaging instead refines it and for my clients and myself I love the finish and coverage of Estee lauder double wear. Another must have for every girl is a tint but when they aren’t the right consistency they tend to stain only on the dry patches and that could look off instead of making you look good. My recommendation for tints is actually a Korean brand called Holka, the texture of their tints is velvety which looks and feels luxurious on the skin.

Tell me about three makeup trends you’re a fan of?

1. Smokey eyes
2. Glossy lips
3. A very Subtle contour.

With the upcoming winter wedding season, what colours and makeup looks you think will trend?

Everything glossy will keep shining all through this year and rightly so, highlighted faces are here to stay as well. The only way to pull of a highlighter though is to have good skin hence people should be focusing to keeping a healthy skin by following a healthy diet and skincare once that box is ticked you can’t look more Glamorous than having a glowy face and glossy lips. Going into winters there wont be specific trending colors but we’d be seeing more nude. For hair a tight neat bun, centre partings and half tight ponies will be all the rave.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for makeup artists?

I think there too many off them, anyone who has some makeup and an interest in makeup can make a instgram page and call them a makeup artist. And I’m not saying it’s wrong but they aren’t professionals so I guess it’s challenging for both customers and makeup artists both to differentiate between professionals and amateurs.

Tell us about the three best services your salon offers

I wouldn’t want to brag about our top services but we do whatever we offer with passion. Be it a manicure, makeup or a simple threading we take our time to give a client who has trusted us with the desired look they want. Being a salon owner and a makeup artist it’s my motto to provide my customers hygiene, quality and a standard that I would approve for myself as well.

From chic

silhouettes to meticulously crafted attires, we have picked up some of the most exquisite pieces from different designers to make you stand out on weddings and all your

formal events!

Hussain Rehar
Mohsin Naveed Ranja
Suffuse by Sana Yasir
Ansab Jahangir
Iqbal Hussain
Muse Luxe

“Leila – Daughter of the night”
is a perfect wedding / formal dream;
elegant, refined with a panache!

The collection has some exquisite pieces that will make you stand out this festive season!

Muse: @ghania.sohail @shazrayrana
Makeup: @makeupstudiobymehwish
Videography: @faryalazmatphotography
PR and Coordination: @rubiamoghees
Location: @deja_maison
Jewellery: @theembellishofficial
Footwear: @paradoxlondonpk
Stylist: @diary_of_nayya

Tell us about your first experience with music?

My first experience with music was great. After learning about music properly I started to understand that music is a separate world which has a connection with God.

How did you get into making music?

I used to participate in competitions during my school days and I soon realised that it’s my passion. I started training snd and now I’ve been in the music industry for 11 years


Who are some of your inspirations?

I grew up listening to legends at home since childhood including Nusrat Khan sb, Madam Noor Jahan, Reshma Ji, Atta Ullah sb, Abida Ji so they all are my inspirations.

What song was the most difficult for you to perform and why?

I recorded Bandi in three years because it’s my story and I think it is the story of all strong woman creators.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

I would love to collaborate with AR Rehman once in my life

What was the last song you performed?

My last song so far was Kalam “Naari” which means girl.

When will your next album be released?

My next album is going to release in February.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal is to work more harder and definitely try my best to make Pakistan proud at international level.

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Always stay positive, passionate and down to earth. Art means peace and to be an artist is such a blessing just believe in yourself and never ever stop.

Photography: @imeemnoon | Makeup: @makeupbyalishaz
Wearing: @ybq.designstudios | Insta: @realmehakali

We speak to influencer Minahil Wattoo about her style, her fashion influences and more

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is always evolving depends on my mood and the trends. But if i have to describe it in a few words, I’d say it’s a combination of classy and trendy with a hint of casual chic!

Your favourite fashion designer?

Have been obsessed with lirika Maloshim and Mohsin Naveed Ranjha for over a year now!

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in the recent years?

Yes I do. I am obsessed with solids and colour blocking these days. I own at-least 2-3 different solid pieces in each colour and it’s crazy how much you can do with just a few of those!

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

Apart from the stunning designer stores that we have so many of in Pakistan, I love going to Liberty Market. I hardly shop there because I can’t bargain but i loveeee capturing the aesthetic and the vibe of the market on my camera! (For insta mainly 😉

What is the oldest item in your closet?

My black Zara T-shirt. It’s sooo basic but so soft at this point in life and since it’s black, it looks like it’s in perfect condition everytime. I can still style it up or down and it never disappoints. Safe to say it’s not only the oldest but also my most favourite item in my closet.

What, in your opinion, are must have items that are essential to a great closet?

  1. A black T-shirt
  2. A white button down
  3. A classic pair of jeans
  4. White tailored pants
  5. At least 3 pairs of neutral heels
  6. Basic gold accessories

And you’re sorted! You can elevate any basic look with a nice pair of heels and gold accessories! Yes, even a white shirt and a black T-shirt!

Your most prized possession?

My mom’s 24k gold pendant that has Allah engraved in and it was given to her by my late grandfather when I was born. (Emotionally and financially 🙂

Your favourite accessory?

Any sort of solid gold jewelry! Literally!

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

OMG! My Ed Hardy T-shirt with all those diamantés engraved in a skull. Haha, it’s almost vintage but i need my kids to see it.

Musician and It Boy Haider Mustehsan talks to us about his career, his bucket list and more.

Did you always want to be a singer?

I’m not sure but the art of singing/making music was and is an integral part of my life. I’m pretty sure it will remain that way.

What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

My favourite thing is being able to connect with people that I don’t know. To be able to produce and render an emotion that was personal to me and giving it to the world.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

I have a dual bachelor’s in Political Economy and Sociology, and I’m currently a Masters student in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. This is a path I’m pursuing in conjunction with my music.

What do you do on days that you’re off from work?

Football. And I usually listen to podcasts and utilize other avenues that help keep a constant flow of knowledge to myself. Also, I like to travel.

Name three things on your bucket list.

1- Win a Grammy

2- Write a song with Ed Sheeran

3- Be proud of myself 20 years from now

Who is your inspiration?

My brother and sister.

Do you it is still consider it a taboo to be in the entertainment industry in Pakistan or have things changed?

I’m pretty sure it is. Specially for our women. But then again, my music (I’m sure I speak for the majority of my colleagues) isn’t for the people that think this is a taboo. So it’s not really of any concern to me. We have ways to go and progress as a society, and unfortunately the music is just the tip of the iceberg went it comes to nonsensical taboos.

There is a major cancel culture these days. Do you ever feel the pressure of that in terms of what you post or say?

Not at all. I post what I feel like.

What’s the best thing about performing?

It’s something about the energy you get that reverberates from the crowd and onto the stage. Especially when the crowd knows the lyrics and sings it back to you. It’s magical.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Don’t indulge yourself in machine driven views. Stay true to yourself and your craft. Consistency is the only way.

Risham stuns in this Rishmal outfit. The white on white is the ultimate look for an intimate wedding or Eid! Keeping it simple, she accessorizes the outfit with long dangly earrings, a sparkly clutch and heels proving that less is definitely more!

Influencer Alizeh Pasha looks absolutely stunning in this teal and white outfit. We love the embellishments on the neckline and shoulders. She accessorizes the outfit with a cute bucket bag and silver heels. 10/10!

Misha is our new favourite fashionista who makes no mistakes when it comes to fashion! Misha looks fab in this Sehrish Rehan outfit. This look is perfect for Eid or family dinners. She wears her hair down and pairs the outfit with black strappy heels. We’re obsessed!

There’s something about Mommy and Me outfits that makes us swoon. Supermodel and now mom Amo B and her daughter Baby Naz twin in these gorgeous kurtas by Minikins. Amna wears her hair in beachy waves and pairs the outfit with her Hermes Oran Sandal while little Naz accessorizes hers with sparkly sandals and a teddy. So adorable!

Manahyl turns heads in this stunning lime saree by Kokab Zia. The saree truly is a work of art with gorgeous embellished borders and a long pallu. Manahyl ties back her hair and keeps her makeup simple. We love it!

Ushna Shah is the epitome of grace in this Elan number. The dress is definitely a sight for sore eyes. We love the embellished bodice. Ushna wears her hair in loose waves and accessorizes with big silver earrings. It’s giving!

Socialite and influencer Alizeh Rabbani takes us inside her closet

How would you describe your personal style?

Whatever I’m comfortable in. I can never step out wearing something that is not true to my inherent aesthetic.

Your favourite fashion designer?

I have many but off the top of my head: Rizwan Beyg and DVF.

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in recent years?

Yes! I’ve recently enlightened myself a lot on fast fashion and their carbon footprint share. So now when I shop I try very hard to not fall prey to impulse itches and trends and only get classic and timeless pieces. I’m not entirely there yet but trying my best. Even for my second baby, I made a conscious effort to recycle my elder son’s clothes especially since babies grow at the speed of light and hardly get to wear their clothes.

What, in your opinion, are must-have items that are essential to a great closet?

A nice pair of jeans, a white shirt, a good pair of sunglasses.

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

I love all lots of brands, but the place that gets me most excited is Lahore Center!

What is the oldest item in your closet?

My grandmother’s jewelry.

Your most prized possession?

Nothing. I never get too attached to any of my things. For me things have zero emotional value.

Your favourite accessory?

My signet ring and my tennis bracelet.

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

Haha I have many “what was I thinking” items; but my gold metallic Oxford brogues top the list.

Makeup artist Hira Khan speaks to us about the DO’s and DON’T’s of makeup

Tell us about the makeup trends for summer?

For summer I always prefer to keep my makeup look clean. Maybe a pop of color on the eyeliner to lift your look or a clean face with a bright lip color.

What are some tips to make foundation look natural during the summer?

Focus on good skin care and your foundation will always look flawless! I also believe in the less is more policy when it comes to applying foundation or concealing. Only cover the problem areas to avoid looking cakey.

How do you suggest people protect their natural skin and hair from makeup and styling?

I’m a strong advocate of being comfortable in your skin, I feel makeup should only be used to enhance not alter. Good skin care should always come first and foremost. The same goes for hair, you need to understand your skin and hair both while making a skin and hair care regime you strictly need to follow. When your skin and hair is healthy from within, you won’t even need much styling or makeup on a daily basis.

What is your go-to skincare routine?

I have a bedtime skincare regime that I always follow. I feel hydration is the key since my skin is a little dry. So my skincare consists of lots of serums and hydrating creams which I keep switching up. I believe having detox water first thing in the morning and keeping a check on your water intake through out the day does wonders. Using a sunblock also helps keep your skin healthy through out if you tend to encounter sun exposure.

What mistakes do most brides make in your opinion? If you could give the brides who come to you some advice, what would it be?

I feel most of the brides I get always want to go for glittery eyes with red lips which I in my opinion, is so cliché. I often find myself trying to convince them to go for something that is customized according to their features. I believe brides should also try to stick to the less is more policy and not go over board with makeup. It’s not essential to get heavy lashes, glittery eyes and red lips on your big day. A subtle smoked out matte eye makeup with muted lips can look so classy too.

What challenges have you faced as an MUA in Pakistan?

I think the constant obsession with looking fairer and expecting makeup artists to literally perform the job of a cosmetic surgeon is the number one struggle. People often tend to forget that makeup is not meant to alter but enhance. We can contour and give illusions but we can’t alter. Beauty makeup has its boundaries and people need to understand that.

What consists of your every day makeup kit?

My eyebrow kit, mascara and a lip tint.

What are your top 5 foundations?

I don’t have any top picks for foundations because I feel there’s just so much variety in skin types and foundations both. I always recommend people to pick the right shade and undertone according to their skin tone. Go for a foundation that suits your skin type/texture. My personal favourite that suits my skin is the Dior Forever Foundation.

Influencer, mom and entrepreneur Alyzeh gets candid about her style, her favourite designers and more

How would you describe your personal style?

As of late a bit colorful, fun, with touches of vintage luxe. But for mom duties — athleisure all the way!

Your favorite fashion designer?

Loving Toteme and Celine lately!

Do you believe in sustainable fashion? Have you changed your wardrobe to make it more sustainable in the recent years?

I’ve been a collector of vintage Chanel for the past 15-20 years so I’ve always been into sustainable fashion in some capacity. I love the idea of buying pre-loved vintage pieces and have been collecting pieces for ages.

Where in Pakistan do you love to shop?

At my exhibits. I have a company called The Exhibit — we host multibrand expos every couple of months with everything from fashion, interiors, jewelry, accessories, make up and so on — there are some established brands on board and some upcoming ones, I always end up picking some gorgeous things. Our nation is so talented!

What is the oldest item in your closet?

My grandmother’s sari with real gold and silver work on it. Truly an heirloom piece.

What, in your opinion, are must have items that are essential to a great closet?

A good pair of jeans, a nice pair of gym leggings, some plain t shirts, a set of loafers/pumps and a classic bag.

Your most prized possession?

My daughter! Material things literally mean nothing in the bigger picture.

Your favorite accessory?

My arm candy. I love stacking my bracelets!

What item in your closet makes you cringe?

There’s a few. You know how some things can be so ugh but you absolutely love them… I have a few pieces like that and I’ll never get rid of them — hence they’re still in my closet lol.

How does style differ in the two big cosmopolitan cities that you live in, Lahore and London?

In London I feel I can be less conservative and that I can really push my limits and experiment with fashion — plus I can buy new season items instantly. In Lahore if I wear western it takes ages to get your shipment across, and I dress very conservatively in comparison. However, I also love love love what the local brands are doing and love buying unique pieces (like some nice co-ords) hand pairing them with my personal style.

Influencer and model Mustafa Yazdani talks about his career, his bucket list and hobbies

Did you always want to be a model?

I modelled a little bit when I was a kid, but it was never something I aspired to. Most of my work has been with Rastah. I also do the art direction for them and my involvement there has sort of been a happy accident.

What’s it like being a male model in the Pakistani fashion industry?

I don’t think I’m a model worth worrying about, nor am I very deeply entrenched in ‘the scene’. So I don’t know how much authority I can speak with. However, my personal experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I’ve gotten to collaborate with brilliant artists and created beautiful things.

Who are your favourite Pakistani designers?

I love what Rastah is doing for Pakistan’s image globally. I’m obsessed with the craft and playfulness of Kamiar Rokni, and deeply enamored with the sexiness of Muse.

What was your first shoot like?

My first shoots in childhood were with Lajwanti and Leisure Club and I remember feeling like I was better than everyone else at school by virtue of being a model. When I started modeling again, I was lucky because my first shoot was with Natasha Zubair, and she can make anyone look good.

What do you do on days off from work?

I’m rarely ever off work these days but when I do get time to myself, I try to make time for my friends, read what I can and zone out on my phone for an embarrassing amount of time.

Do you work out?

I’ve started working out recently, as I’m starting to age out the whole ‘waif’ fantasy. Someone once told me that if I wanted to book more Eastern I should think about investing in a barrel chest. I like working out for how it makes me feel, but I’ve always really liked my body as it is.

What are your hobbies?

I like to paint, read, write, all of that. But anyone who knows me will tell you my greatest hobby is just being pretentious on Instagram.

Name three things on your bucket list.

I want to throw a drink in someone’s face. Own a pet cow. Write a book.

How important of a role do you think social media plays in a models life in todays world?

Social media is everything. Most people contact me for jobs through Instagram. I took a break from social media for a month or so and lost out on some great work. Inversely, it can also be a bit irritating to feel like you’re being pigeonholed into a certain identity because of your social media presence. I’d like to try everything.

What advice would you give to young models?

Be pretty, show up on time, and don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.. oh, also get good at waiting. Being on set is mostly just waiting around.

This 70’s trend has made a serious comeback. Whether it’s jeans, formal pants or eastern wear, flared pants are everywhere right now; and to be honest we kind of love it because comfort + fashion is always the best combo. Here are some of our favourite fashionistas rocking this trend.

Saira Shakira’s 22 luxury pret collection is a sight for sore eyes. Shot by the talented Alee Hassan featuring Ayesha Rajput the collection has something for everyone. Delia brings together modern and contemporary silhouettes, a wide range of colours and cuts. The collection is perfect for dressing it up (for weddings and qawallis) or dressing it down (for dinners and smaller events). We’re obsessed!

Brand: Saira Shakira
Collection: Delia Luxury Pret 2022
PR: Centaur One
Photography: Alee Hasan
Makeup: Fatima Nasir
Model: Ayesha Rajput

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