META, III was created in partnership with ceramicist Reiko Kaneko, using her signature glaze to create a bespoke print.

The Meta coat was captured at the Paternoster Vents.

Anthem II
Inspired by writer Arnold Bennett’s How to live on 24 hours a day, an inspiring 108-year-old book about making the most of every day and Anthem by the genius novelist Ayn Rand. The latter text is powerful in its rejection of collectivism, which Rand perceived as inhibitive to the individual spirit.
The Anthem coat was captured at The Arch.

Nebula 1
Inspired by an upholstery fabric developed and used by the iconic Danish textile company Kvadrat. Style icon Caroline Issa has called the Nebula a “distinctly millennial creation” and “a coat that is as functional as it is beautiful.”
The Nebula was captured at the Serpentine Pavilion.




Good Times


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