1. Striped Khussas

Love these bright and chic flats from JootiShooti. Order now
from their fb page.

2.Huda beauty mini delights

The perfect nude tones from this delightful range of liquid lippies are available now on Cosmetic Planet. Order now from their fb page.

3.Natural Skincare

Feel clean and refreshed with the
holistic skincare line Du’vi. Their
Green Tea Face Wash and Bamboo
Scrub are personal favourites!
Order from http://www.duvistockholm.com.pk/shop.

4.Its all in the details

Tired of lawn print overload? This striking elegant number should turn heads without the floral overdose. Order from Daaman’s website now.

5. Chohan Estate

Looking for a second opinion before making an investment? Look no further. Chohan Estate’s Facebook page is one-of-a-kind property page in Pakistan. It has precise information along with visuals of properties. This gives the users an accurate idea about the current property trends and market status. Additionally, it has interior designing and décor tips to help you style homes. So all the way from the process of buying houses to making them into homes, Chohan Estate has you covered. Check it out for yourself!


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