As the 2016/17 wedding season draws to a close, Director of Crimson Events, a recently launched events complex in Lahore, Muneeb Irfan recaps this season’s top wedding tips. If you have a wedding to plan to for the 2017/18 season read on for inspiration

Pakistani weddings not only celebrate the union of two individuals, they celebrate the joining of two extended families as well. Celebrations extend to uncles, siblings, and aunts who play a major role in many of the traditional customs. In the past few years, local weddings have gotten a major makeover. Young couples enjoy incorporating modern arrangements inspired by global trends to make their big day more exciting. The rising popularity of social media has definitely played an important role in these changes, as our youth is exposed to the latest goings-on internationally. It is only natural that from traditional weddings, we have moved onto fusion weddings that are equally fun. Below, we round-up some of the most popular trends beings witnessed in Pakistani weddings lately:

1) Day events for Nikaah

What used to be a simple signing of the Nikaah (marriage contract) has now been transformed into a full-fledged day event, held usually one day prior to the actual wedding event or on the same day. Most Nikaahs are held at traditional venues, such as the Badshahi Mosque, which serve as the perfect backdrop for the photo op. The bride/groom and all attendees choose to wear soft pastel colours (or whites) for this event and reserve their shiny colourful clothes for the evening functions.


2) Pre-wedding shoots

Wedding photography is now a serious business and no longer limited to one photographer coming on the day of the wedding to take a few images. An entire team of photographers and videographers is usually in place that not only capture all the events related to a wedding, but also conceptualize and shoot a pre-wedding photo album for the couple.


3) Grand entries

Wedding is a very special day for the couple, which is why their entry should be no less. Whether it is a floral arrangement or the use of wedding sparklers, the idea is to create a breathtaking sight that would leave the attendees in awe.


4) Rickshaws/cycles as props

Rickshaws or cycles are not just great vintage rides but also make fun props. Vibrantly decorated usually with flowers, guests enjoy taking pictures with them throughout the event.


5) Personalized wedding favours

Giving guests personalized wedding favors, such as sweets with wedding cards or decorative NikaahBidh pouches is the new norm. They not only make memorable keepsakes, but also result in numerous social media posts congratulating the couple (not to forget the personalized hashtags for each wedding).


6) Photo Booths

No modern wedding can be complete without a photo booth that includes a colourful backdrop, frame cutouts and fun props. Fairy lights and sheer drapes add some extra charm.


7) Decor

Wedding décor is no longer limited to a few flowers. Wild leaves, twigs and vintage flowers are just a few things which are used to create a unique setup. Candles and floral bunches also make for stunning centerpieces on the tables for guests.


8) Music

No Pakistani wedding can be complete without music of course. However, the music has now upgraded from the ladies singing with a dholak to a full-fledged DJ system. Each moment is defined with an appropriate song. The playlist usually ranges from traditional tappay to the latest filmi numbers. After all, no wedding these days is complete without ShakkarWandaan Re and London Thumakda.

Speaking of music, impromptu dancing at weddings is a thing of the past. Modern Pakistani weddings feature well-rehearsed (usually choreographed by professionals) dance numbers performed by relatives as well as friends of the bride and groom.


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