Azmat Alibhai relates her therapeutic experience at the Time Reversal Spa in Oman to Sana Zehra 

I have just come back after a few days at the time reversal spa in Jabel Akhdar, a two hour drive from Muscat up in the mountains at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

It’s been a year and a half since I last stepped on a plane. I had developed a fear as I had suffered a stroke the last time I came back from traveling. The flight to Muscat is less than an hour and a half so this was my first step on the way to once again becoming a citizen of the world. Time flew by without any incidents and before I knew it Mohammed, the driver from the Time Reversal Spa was waiting for me at the airport.

My driver informed me that the drive to the resort would take around 2 hours as we had to climb up to an altitude of 2,000 metres. The resort itself is located on military land so all visitors are logged in at a checkpoint before the serious climb begins.

We reached the resort at around 11p.m. at night which unfortunately meant we could not see the breathtaking scenery around us on the drive up.

The Time Reversal Spa is run by Dr Mosaraf Ali, a world renowned doctor with a client list of the who’s who from all over the world. He has written several very successful books as well as columns for leading British newspapers and even has his own TV show–his credentials are impeccable. I started communicating with Dr Ali several years ago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be going to see him for treatment for my own stroke.

Dr Ali’s philosophy is based on the concept of integrated medicine. This is a combination of massage, nutrition, meditation and breathing that he has developed over the years, which help the body heal itself just like a cut or a fracture. Dr Ali has developed a proprietary neck connection massage that stimulates the blood flow to the autonomous brain where the self healing centres are located. His Marma massage is based on an ancient technique stimulating the body while removing aches and pains.

These treatments along with yoga and meditation (which I do regularly anyway) and a diet of certain foods suited to my body type were going to be my routine for the next five days.

I was both excited and also apprehensive as the neck is an extremely sensitive area for stroke patients.

From the first day I could start feeling a difference. The sensation in my hand seemed to be getting back to normal, the weakness on my right side, which I have had since my stroke, dissipated to a large extent. My sleeping and appetite improved and my energy levels increased tremendously. Each day I could notice some improvement and by the last day I felt not only rejuvenated, but healthier and fitter than at any time since my stroke. My husband kept saying I looked 5 years younger!

Don’t expect 6 star accommodation or food. The focus here is on relaxation and rehabilitation for chronic fatigue, back pain, strokes etc. The rooms and bathrooms are very comfortable and the food is simple but fresh. Dr. Ali has plans to renovate the resort but since the occupancy is so high all the time it is proving to be more difficult than expected. During my five day stay the resort was totally full of guests from France, Holland, Russia, The UK, Germany and Oman amongst others.

My final thoughts leaving the spa were that we live life at such an incredibly fast pace these days, never having time for ourselves. It is, therefore, important to sometimes go into time reversal mode to heal one’s health, one’s sanity and to give one the tools to cope with this crazy crazy world of ours.

Good Times


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