By Fatima Sheikh

The latest nifty gadgets are one way people proclaim their status as well as stay au courant. Quench your thirst for innovation and stay updated by checking out the best buys the tech world has to offer

Power Ray 

This swimming robot made headlines last year. This drone has been designed especially for fishing entusiasts; it can dive 98 feet underwater. The UHD camera which is 4k allows 4 hour coverage with the help of an app suitable for most phones. With the help of a WIFI and the app you can locate fish and navigate the robot. It can detect fish up to 132 feet and, with the help of its blue light, the fish are lured in.

Fidget Spinner

This gadget was initially created as far back as 1990 but became popular in 2017. It was made for toning down distraction, but ironically became a distraction itself. Banned in most schools, this toy/gadget is popular amongst the generation of today, because the youngsters say that adults don’t understand the vision. It has a bearing in the centre and is made from different materials like stainless steel, copper, brass and plastic. This product is supposed to relieve stress. A debatable but fun and popular gadget, I suggest one must try it out once at least. Price varies according to the design.

LeEco Smart Road & Mountain Bike

This cool bike that has a four inch touch screen attached to it, showing you maps and word to word directions. It even records all your fitness details, which you can share later with your trainer or friends. This bike can also play music online and offline. The walkie talkie attached allows you to talk to other people with LeEco bike. Both the mountain and road bikes have similar features. All the gadgets attached are water resistant and the display comes with rechargeable batteries. These bikes have been created by a Chinese company and they are to be available on the market soon.

VIDEO GAMES June1st too June 16 

  • Tekken 7 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 2
  • Drifting Lands (PC) – June 5
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 6
  • Wipeout Omega Collection (PS4) – June 6
  • The Town of Light (PS4, Xbox One) – June 6
  • Dirt 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – June 9

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