By Fatima Sheikh

The latest nifty gadgets are one way people proclaim their status as well as stay au courant. Quench your thirst for innovation and stay updated by checking out the best buys the tech world has to offer

Fov 0 eye-tracking VR headset

Fove 0 is an advanced concept of VR (virtual reality) that is hooked to a gaming computer. This VR headset has eye tracking built in it and can tell where your head is moving and where your pupils are pointed, resulting in a more realistic gaming experience.  The LCD resolution is also higher at 2560×1440 pixels and the screen size is larger. Though it has gotten mixed reviews, the product has generated buzz because it’s a funded project that has made it to the market. It should be worth checking out. Pre-orders will begin in November.


Now you can play your favourite game from childhood, Ludo, via an app on your phone. It’s user friendly so all ages can enjoy it effortlessly. You can play anonymously or with friends. After the Candy Crush phase, this one takes the cake.

Moen’s U connected shower 

Technology was invented for convenience and Moen’s new shower range allows you to turn on and perfectly adjust the shower water temperature from your phone. Yes, you don’t even have to get up to turn on the tap. Just program the shower from your phone to preheat the water, control the exact temperature and duration. The shower is available for $1,160. No more blast of freezing water first thing in the morning.

Airbar for touchless MacBooks

Like Windows, now MacBook has Neonode’s Airbar that allows for touchscreen operations. AirBar is the world’s first plug-and-touch that converts a notebook into a touchscreen.This technology is available on the 13.3″ inch MacBook Air. Feel free to pinch, swipe or zoom your screen.

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