Faris Khalid is not a new name in the showbiz industry. He started out as a comedian, did some TV gigs and then made the brave choice of playing a transvestite in the film Rahm.  So it comes as a surprise when you realise that the recently released Chalay Thay Saath is only his second movie. Though it failed to impress at the box office perhaps due to its lack of song and dance routines, Faris’ performance was appreciated by critics as one film reporter wrote, “Faris Khalid is hilarious and definitely one to watch.” Sana Zehra sits down with the actor for a quick, fun chat

What sports do you fancy?


When driving what are you mostly listening to?

Heavy metal

What do you think people made of Chalay Thay Saath?

Pleasantly surprised

Who’s the funniest person from the cast of CTS?

Zhalay for sure!

What would draw you to someone new?

Someone has to be very curious and must have good observational skills

Have you ever cheated on a school exam?


Iphone or Android?

Iphone because I’m an Iphone user

Stay in touch or out of sight out of mind?

Out of sight, out of mind (laughs)

What is more logical to follow? Heart or head?

Head but then again….

Are you in love?


Define success in less than five words…

Doing something new always

What is your fighting style?

I’m an angry monkey for sure

What are the colours in the rainbow?


One talent you wish you were born with?

Ability to sing

Worst thing that happened to you while shooting?

I tried fasting and man that did not go well

If you had to choose three wishes what would you choose?

For another question for sure (laughs)

Name two things you consider yourself to be really good at?

I’m a good observer! I observe and I listen

What animal best represents you?

If there was ever a cross between a cat and a dog, then that would be me

Who do you look up to as an actor?

Sir Daniel Day Lewis

Who do you look up to as a director?

I really don’t look up to a director per say….

Who do you look up to as an actress?

Meryl Streep

Favourite Bollywood actress?

None because I don’t watch Bollywood movies

Favourite Lollywood actress?

Saba Qamar has caught my attention lately

Faris you played a transvestite in Rahm how did that change you?

It didn’t change me…

How has your life been in the last 48 hours?

A complete misery

Strangest thing you’ve done to prep for any role?

Fortunately, I never had to do that but for certain parts I listen to a lot of music and I go deathly silent, I don’t speak to anyone, I don’t make eye contact with anyone, I just go into my own zone. For some people as you can imagine it gets very uncomfortable.

Which song instantly puts you in a good mood?

You get what you give by New Radicals

Spirit Animal?


Career accomplishments you are most proud of?

I’m teaching and I’m really proud of it

Beyonce or Rihanna?


Mathira or Nargis?


What is best done slowly?


What does GT mean to you?

Good Times!

Good Times


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