Kent Leung and Syra Shehroz meet with Sana Zehra for an interview, but as it turns out Kent takes over and grills his co-star. Syra is in the hot spot with Kent flashing the spotlight on her

Kent: If you brought Shehroz to a dinner party in what way would he embarrass you?

Syra: In every way!


Kent: If you had to choose of the things you ate in Hunza while filming Chalay Thay Saath what would you choose?

Syra: I liked their dumplings. Mantu balls!

Kent: If you’re stranded on an island and you have to choose one of the castmates. Who would you choose?

Syra: YOU!

Kent: Yes!!!

Kent: If you had to choose one of your sisters to be an island who would you choose?

Syra: I would take them both!

Kent: NOO

Syra: I will!

Kent: What is the weirdest piece of advice Behroze Uncle has ever given you?

Syra: Nothing weird as of yet

How was it like working with Shehroz in your debut?

Syra: I have mostly worked without Shehroze so it was just like any other project.

Would you like to work with Shehroz?

Syra: Yes, absolutely I would.

Have you ever been offered though to work with Shehroz?

Syra: My first film was actually supposed to be with Shehroz but it didn’t happen.

If Pakistani film industry accepted kissing on screen who would take it better?

Syra: Who would take it better??

meaning would you accept Shehroz kissing another woman?

Syra: No, I would not accept it and I don’t care if he accepts it or not but I will never ever accept it!

What if it’s a Hollywood film?

Syra: NO

What if it’s opposite Michael Fassbender?

Syra: Hmmm, I don’t think I can do it!

But do you think Shehroz will support you in that? Imagine a lead role with “The” Michael Fassbender? I mean like OMG I’d kiss him for that!

Syra: (Laughs) I’d definitely like to see you doing that!


Syra: Yes, I could say hey guys this is my double let’s do it!

Yes, we look identical (laughs)

Syra: But yeah, no kissing!

Are you feeling a lot of pressure since it’s your debut?

Syra: Yeah, definitely!

Why should anyone watch Chalay Thay Saath?

Because it’s different

Kent: What does GT mean to you?

Syra: Get together! I know it means good times but for me it means get together.

Good Times


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