Marina Homes’ chief operating officer, Rehana Rajput In conversation with Fatima Sheikh

How does Marina Home stand out from the competition?

Rehana: Marina Home honours the spirit of adventure. We embrace the escape of the ordinary and revel in the magic that is found in the unexpected. Our artistic ability shines through in our choice of contrasting designs that challenge conventions, tailors trends and brings out the creative flair in our customers too.

Which celebrities have chosen to buy their furniture from your stores?

Marina Home has a huge celebrity client base of stars like Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan, as well as supplies furniture for the Gulzar House.

When did Marina Home open its doors in the country and how has it evolved?

We launched Marina Home in Pakistan in 2015, and from day 1 we have been the pioneers in fashion furniture, while still having the competitive edge over other brands. We have evolved in such a way that we are constantly bringing one-of-a-kind pieces.

Did you receive instant success or your work took time to set a benchmark for itself?

The response has been wonderful from the very first, not just in Lahore but in Islamabad too.  Marina Home has been delivering quality and originality for over 20 years now internationally. It has already set the precedence for high in the furniture industry.

What type of home does Marina Home best cater to?

All our clients bring us something exciting and challenging. There is an immense love for fashion and home living that has grown over the last few years in Pakistan. People are much more aware of what the latest trends in home furniture are globally. They are more willing to take risks and experiment with their space these days. Marina Home doesn’t just design spaces; all our furniture pieces are inspired from stories around the world. So all spaces are equally exciting and challenging for us.

An interesting incident with an overly fussy client?

We don’t believe any clients are fussy. It’s about understanding their requirement and giving them the furniture and accessories, which fit their lifestyle.

What are the latest trends and techniques in the furniture market?

New trends of visual merchandising are talk of the town these days. Exotic and modern furniture is trending within the furniture industry.

What is Marina Home’s niche and what does your brand specialize in?

We specialize in the urban and exotic furniture line that means not just the quantity but quality.

What do your clients mostly ask for?

There are a lot of different demands from customers in furniture and accessories. But leather furniture is probably the one thing that is most demanded.

What do your pieces usually represent?

Marina Home is all about creativity and innovation. Our pieces are more than just beautiful designs but are all inspired from different stories around the world.

Tell us about your latest collection?

Our latest collection is inspired from India, so there is a lot of colour and vibrancy in all our pieces.

Describe your personal style at home?

I am a wood lover as well as like tactile textures. Rustic décor with style and comfort is represented in my personal collection

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

As per the current response, we want to open doors in all major cities of Pakistan over the next few years.

Ideally who would you want to collaborate with from the furniture industry?

Being an international brand, we are not looking to collaborate with one brand at the moment. However, we do work with a lot of interior designers and architects.

Describe Marina Home in three words?

Marina Home is difficult to describe in only three words but if I had to they would be:





Favourite quote about furniture?

“I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture.“–Kelly Wearstler (American furniture designer)

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