1. Classic Red Bridal by Republic 

Wedding season is just around the corner and we can’t take our eyes off this stunningly worked classic red bridal by Republic Womenswear. The immaculate craftsmanship is drool worthy.

2. The Light Blue Jumper

Lahori author Sidra F. Sheikh’s debut sci fi novel The Light Blue Jumper appeals both to young adult and the more mature reader. On one level it’s a comedy of errors set in space and on another it’s an allegory about the political climate of our time. Get your hands on this sold out book published by Mongrel Books from Liberty Books or read it on your kindle  by downloading from Amazon.

3. Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks   

These hydrating sheet mask drenched with Hyaluronic Acid are absolutely amazing. In only 15 minutes, they make your skin fresh, glow and youthful. The application is full proof too. Just cover your face with the nutrient rich mask and a few minutes later, voila, you look like you spent a relaxing day at the spa!

4. Azadi Promotion especially for GT readers

Harley Street Aesthetic & Liefstyle Clinic is offering the Ultimate Red Carpet Package From The Stars of Hollywood at a special discounted rate. It includes:

Thermi Smooth Tightening

with PhotoFacial Whitening

and Glow Skin Peel @ 20,000 only.

Normally valid nntil 14th August only. but for Good Times readers valid  until 31st of August. on first come first served. basis.

Contact: 042 37182090-37182053, 0301 4811107

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