Award winning architect Attiq Ahmed, an alumnus of the NCA, got his Masters degree from Columbia University in Urban Design before returning home to Lahore. Here he set up his architectural, engineering  and design boutique firm AEDL as well as Turning Tables, a furniture and lighting studio.not only does Attiq design buildings and interiors but also the furniture and lighting fixtures that go within, creating a truly integrated space. 

Shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2017 in London and co-winner in the Young Talent category at the 13th annual Elle Décor International Design Awards (EDIDA) in India, the multi faceted architect is a design powerhouse. Attiq shares with Fatima Sheikh the ins and outs of design

Take us through your professional journey.

The journey began when I moved home from New York and set up office in 2004. Since then our office has grown from an architectural design studio to a multi-disciplinary design practice. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Tell us about your design aesthetic?




What would you call your design style? 

Effortless and elegant (at the risk of sounding too pretentious)

Architecture, furniture and art merge in your work. Elaborate?

Design is a way of thinking; these are all interconnected facets of that thought process. It’s only natural that they would merge.

What’s your pet peeve that you see often done here?

Aggressive ornamentation and a relentless desire to become Dubai at the cost of our own identity.

A house in Lahore, the design studio produced both the architecural space and did the interior and product design
Photo courtesy: Faisal Farooqui

“(My Pet Peeve is) aggressive ornamentation and A relentless desire to become Dubai at the cost of our own identity”

How has your business evolved?

The business really began to evolve after a design commission from Samina Rahman and her son Zaki. It was the first house that I feel was aesthetically true to our office’s design outlook and it was very popular with people in the city.

Tell us about your fussiest client?

I once had the misfortune of working with someone who wanted an H plan house because she was slightly enthusiastic about Hermes.

Which project have you particularly enjoyed doing? 

A house for Taimur Rafique and his wife Insha Bukhari. Also, Samina Rahman’s house before that

Which has been your most ambitious project to date?

The proposal for building a wall-like building around Lahore’s old city to solve its space problems.

What are you most proud of?

The design for my own residence. It was a struggle in more ways than one and I am relieved I didn’t do a bad job.

A courtryard for a house in Lahore, using concrete and marble on the floor and red bricks on the walls–this project was realised in a historic 1950s property taking design cues for the new architecture from the old house
Photo courtesy: Attiq Ahmed
An arboretum or green house designed for a house in Lahore features large ficus trees and custom made aluminium screens.
Photo courtesy: Ahmad Tahir

What are you working on currently?

Designs for both public institutions and private residences are currently on our drawing board.

What are the latest trends and techniques in the furniture market? 

We believe in aesthetic elitism for all. Cane!

“I once had the misfortune of working with someone who wanted an H plan house because she was slightly enthusiastic about Hermes”

What are some points people should consider when doing up their homes/offices?

Scale, proportion and appropriate space allocation should be considered initially.

Furniture made by Attiq’s design studio Turning Tables for an interior he designed in Lahore

Whose home/place of business would you love to do up the most?

So far, I have had the fortune of working with everyone I would have liked to, but I’m always open to more.

How are men and women different as clients?

Women know what they want, but someone needs to pay for it.

All furniture for this interior in Lahore was designed and made by Attiq’s furniture design practice Turning Tables
For this light filled house in Lahore, Attiq’s office made all the furniture seen in this image and did the architecture as well
Attiq’s office designed this bathroom for a house in Lahore using a bespoke mosaic marble floor that is inspired by traditional Hunza carpets
Photos courtesy: Faisal Farooqui

Describe yourself in three word? 

wtf–three initials I suppose

Describe your passion in three words?

It consumes me!

Favourite quote about style?

“More is a bore.” —Anonymous



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